1. orloffer

    Pictures for the BYC Calendar contest--Help me choose one

    These three photographs are similar, and I am not sure which one is the best to enter into the BYC 2021 Calendar contest. What do you all think? Please vote in the poll above, and feel free to explain why. Edit: I am adding a cropped version of #3. This will be Photograph #4.
  2. MamaGer8ty

    Is it normal at this age?

    So, I don’t know the breed, but is it normal for an almost 12wk old rooster to already be getting jiggy with some hens? I was spending some time with them and El Diablo just went up to our 4wk old Cornish cross hen and grabbed the neck feathers and went at it. I’m new to all this so I don’t know...
  3. MamaGer8ty

    3wk amberlink hen or Roo?

    Hello everyone! I didn’t realize that chicken math existed until we continued to buy more and more chickens. That being said, this little guy/gal is our 3 week old amberlink. That is what the sign said the breed is, but I don’t have a clue. This is our first go around with chickens and we love...
  4. MamaGer8ty

    Different feathers mean different gender?

    I know it’s super early to tell but I was curious. We have two sex link chicks and they are almost a week old. Phoenix is a little bigger than Inferno and the feathers are different. Does that matter that the feathers are different or could they both still be hens? The first photo is Phoenix and...
  5. WhatTheDuckingDuck

    Welcome to Insanity!

    Welcome to my Madhouse! Please join me in the insanity and feel free to share your insane experiences! I’ll start off with by listing my “herd” * 50+ chickens egg chickens and meatbirds * 11 Ducks 1 pekin, 5 mallards, 5 khaki campbells * 4 Toulouse goslings, more eggs in the...
  6. MamaGer8ty

    Not sure the breed or gender, any guesses?

    So, I’m not sure the breed. My husband said Andalusian or golden laced Wyandotte but I really don’t know. Also, not sure the sex. Any thoughts? I really appreciate it! He/she is 6 wks old.
  7. MamaGer8ty

    The Hen House: What are they thinking?!?!

    Sooo I have a total of twenty chickens now and my first original ten are six weeks today. All of the twenty are outside enjoying the coop and run together. So far, everything is good, they all know their place and get along. Our coop is pretty big and my lovely original ten think they still need...
  8. MamaGer8ty

    6 wk cockerel???

    I know I’ve posted before about this chicken but I swear it’s a cockerel. The attitude, the size and the color of the comb and wattle makes me think cockerel but I am new to being a chicken owner so what the heck do I know lol All my other chickens have pale combs and wattles. None of them are...
  9. MamaGer8ty

    Are all three cockerels?

    I have 5wk old chickens and I think these three are cockerels. Am I right? Am I wrong? They seem to like each other at least. Sorry for the little fluff butt in there lol there is a barred rock, golden laced Wyandotte and I’m not for sure the breed of the white one.
  10. MamaGer8ty

    Is it ok if they stay in the run?

    I am a first timer here so please go easy on me! We finally finished our coop and run. The chickens all love it outside in the run but won’t go into the coop. I tried putting them in the coop first and they all just ran out. I’ve even moved their food and water to inside but they won’t go in and...
  11. The Hen House

    The Hen House

    As a first time chicken owner I really don’t know if what I’m doing is right or wrong or as long as I treat my chickens well and keep them happy, fed and a nice home all will be well. We used to have a Great Dane and she sadly passed, but we will be using the dog house we built for her as our...
  12. MamaGer8ty

    4wk Barred Rock Roo or Hen

    This is Oreo, my barred rock beauty. I was thinking she was a hen but her comb and wattle are pretty red and big. I don’t have a clue! I am a first time chicken owner and just wish I could get some of my chicks gender known. Don’t mind the dog in the background haha!
  13. MamaGer8ty

    My sweet babies!

    I just wanted to post some picture of a few of my cuties! The first is Goldie, the second is Ms. Daisy, and last but certainly not least is Oreo. They will all be 4wks on Thursday.
  14. Aryetheral Waalburgus

    Just got baby chicks! Pics!

    I got 3 little female chicks from Southern States yesterday to add to my flock of 5. They are doing quite well! One Ameraucana, I think I'm gonna name her Tzipporah: One Buff Orpington, I'm gonna name her Sappho: And one Blue Plymouth Rock, name as of yet undecided:
  15. Flaisure


    Do you have a novogen? I was curious if you could post pictures. I just got one and it’s between 8-10 weeks old. It looks like a pullet but it has pointy tail feathers. I’m curious what your pullets and Roos look like. If you have any thoughts on mine please help lol.
  16. SoftSilkie

    Post Your Favorite Chick Pics

    With all the crazy stuff going on we probably all need some cheering up. And what can cheer you up more than a fluffy ball of cuteness? Please post pictures of you chicks, poults, ducklings, and any other baby pountry. You can never see too many chick pictures! Everybody's welcome. If you don't...
  17. DiYMama540

    Show off your little swimmers 2020!

    Dedicated to showing off all our sweet little swimmers! The more pics the better! 😍🥰 For starters.... My Leap Day hatch! 6 out of 6!! These are Khaki Campbell x FW Runner cross.
  18. J

    Any pics of Olive Egger cross of Welsummer Easter Egger

    Hello I am considering some Olive Egger Chicks that are a cross of welsummer easter egger. I know the eggs can vary, but I am actually interested in if anyone has this cross and would like to share pictures of their hens?
  19. Nay

    Signs of spring 🌷

    Seeing any signs of spring yet? We've had a pretty mild winter here so far in Scotland. You can never be sure if it's going to get worse (I suspect it will) but in the meantime I have blooms from this shrub that's growing out of one of the stone walls on the property. Seeing any signs of spring...
  20. TheChiggens

    Show Off This Years Pullets/Roos!

    Show off pics or chat about this year's pullets/roos here!
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