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  1. N

    first hatch pls help!!! work in 1 hr and baby has a foot problem.

    ok so I had 2 eggs hatch earlier this past sunday the 31 and then yesterday the 1st i had the cutest baby come out but bam i noticed he has a huge amount of unabsorbed egg yolk and it was still attached to his shell. so in a massive freak out bc almost everything i read told me he’s gunna die i...
  2. D

    Chicken laid in my garage

    I let my chickens out so I can clean the coop. One just dropped a egg that was soft in the garage and now they are trying to eat it. Is this normal these are my first chickens that are laying they have been laying for about 2 months. Could just not like how dirty the coops is this is late in the...
  3. Skyla

    Healthy young chicken's sudden death without explanation, please help

    Hello, yesterday morning I had checked on my flock of 5 chickens and all appeared well and healthy. It was then later that night when I put them to bed I noticed one was showing signs of clear illness. I have lost many chickens for the short amount of time I have kept them (4 years), most for...
  4. C

    Please help my sick quail!

    Hi all, I'd appreciate any advice anybody can give. I have 12 quail and they are 2 weeks old now. It has all been going fine but today I noticed some are not thriving. There are 4 in the flock who have stopped being able to walk. they are just lying down and sleeping and when I put them on their...
  5. P

    My baby chick is being PICKED on by all the other chicks

    I recently bought my second batch of chickens on Wednesday, ( 6 female Sussex and 1 don’t know gender yet Crevecoeur ). The first day they seemed fine had little pasty butt here and there nothing alarming. The next day I started to see a little pecking when it came to the 1 crevecoeur and the...
  6. F

    Help my chick is chirping and kicking it’s legs but can’t stand

    One of my chicks hatched in the incubator last night. She was in a funny position the next morning (one her side legs spread and her neck bent) and her umbilical chord was still attached with the egg shell stuck to her. We cut the very end of the umbilical chord away because it was very dry...
  7. AmbersOfNimbus

    Ducklings suddenly dying and I can't figure out why

    Hello. I've been raising six ducklings as of late, who are around the age of around two and a half weeks old. However I've had them for around two weeks myself. I've got medicated duckling food and I check their food and water multiple times a day, along with making sure their heat lamp isn't...
  8. TheFarm2019

    My baby is MISSING.

    Okay hi. I’m new here, but I have an emergency. I was going to come home from college today, but I didn’t because my parents told me they didn’t want me traveling in the bad weather. Well.. at the end of the day I got a call from my mom telling me my baby Mione is missing. Completely...
  9. Nats Chickens

    What could I do with my youtube channel?

    I have a new youtube channel with a little bit of stuff on it, but I am void of ideas. I have 8 chooks, 5 guinea pigs, 9 goldfish and a puppy who could star on it, but I don't know what to do. The web doesn't need anymore care or animal health videos than it already has, and I want to do...
  10. Roger98

    Hen gasping and can't stand

    I found one of my ameraucana hens on the floor of the coop unable to stand up or even hold her self up right. She was still eating and drinking last night but now today she's gasping like she can't breath. She can move her legs but she's very weak. She's a little on the thin side. I can feel her...
  11. Littlebear123

    Chickens Aren’t Laying, Roosters Aren’t Jumping

    So I’ve got a tricky situation that I’ve never heard of. We’ve had chickens for about 3 years and have dealt with all kinds of situations with them. Starting 2 months ago our chickens just stopped laying eggs. At first we thought they were molting but they just finished going through that and...
  12. I-need-help

    Do polish bantams do well in the winter?

    I am new to having chickens so the upcoming winter will be my first. I have 4 standard hens (they are 10 weeks old), a Cornish, and two polish bantams (a rooster and a hen, 17 weeks old). I tried to do some research and it sounds like chickens are fine in the winter as long as they have a nice...
  13. S

    Traveling with quail in a mobile home

    Hi, I have no experience with owning birds of any sort, but I would like to buy two or three quail hens for a source of eggs. The thing is, I have plans to move out of my parent's house and live full time in a van/ mobile home. I've heard that moving around can be stressful for quails, and I...
  14. jsullivan704

    Sudden death

    Im heart broken this morning, I went out to the run and checked inside the coop and my pekin duck did not move. I thought it was sleeping and shook it and realized it was dead. After having somewhat of a mental breakdown, I had my boyfriend come get her out. She had her head stretched out and...
  15. J


    We got ducks a while ago and. We just cant deal with the upkeep on their part my mom is making me get rid of them if anybody in the Chicago area is interested please let me knkw i want them to have a good home please. We have a male pekin duck and a female ruen duck.
  16. T

    Hen not eating but drinking

    Help, My poor Chewy is not doing well. I had just recently treated her for sour crop and that seems to be dealt with. However she is no long eating any food. She still drinking plenty of water (with nutri-drench added), but doesnt go for the food. When she had sour crop she would eat almost...
  17. summertimeislife

    no beak

    hello, I have a hen is about two years old and lost her beak (has the new nickname toothless) in a fight with a possum! she doesn't seem to be in pain and I'm feeding her wet feed and mushed up worms. any tips? am I doing the right thing?
  18. summertimeislife

    deformed foot

    hello, one of my hens, who is about four months old has a deformed foot that looks like this one. should i tape it into place or use a stent??? please help!
  19. BrahmaMom1797

    Blood in Stool?

    I have a bunch of 6 week old chicks. I have two sultans, a Swedish flower hen, and a barred rock. I had one other Swedish flower but she passed yesterday after a seizure. Now recently, in the coop I have been noticing, that there has been “blood” in stool where the chicks are, though the poo is...
  20. T

    Rescued an injured domestic mallard and need advice

    I am thankful there is a forum on which I can ask advice. I grew up on a beef farm, and we also raised crops; but I know little about taking on a rescued blind domestic mallard. He was part of a flock of four owned by my housemate, but three were killed when a racoon got into their enclosure at...
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