plymouth barred rock

  1. Barredrocker99

    Post impacted crop surgery

    Hey guys!!! So I recently had to do impacted crop surgery on one of my beautiful BR. It’s been about five days since the surgery, and she’s doing really really well. She’s been eating all the scrambled eggs I give her(not too much, just small portions with probiotics mixed in), drinking lots of...
  2. TT43

    What gender are these?

    White Silkie rooster x Plymouth Rock hen. About 17-18 weeks. They don't make noises yet.
  3. T

    Possible injury

    Hello everyone. My name is Ozzy. My wife and I are new to the chicken world. We have 6 Americana’s and 6 Plymouth Rocks layers. I have a concern with one of the Plymouth: 3 days ago while checking on the girls in the morning, we notice one of the Plymouth limping. She wasn’t putting pressure on...
  4. eveleychook

    4-5 Week Old Chicks Gender HELP!

    I have a few chicks to which I am unsure of gender. A barred rock, aracauna, blue or splash australorp, gold laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte and gold laced barnevelder. Please see below images. Pingu the Australorp Sybil the SLW Goldie the GLW Beatrice the Barred Rock...
  5. Noxious

    Help with sexing my young birds

    Hey everyone. I am new to chicken keeping and have unfortunately run into too many roosters and so I really need opinions on what sex these buff orpington and barred rock birds are so I know if I can keep them or not. Here are my 2 buff orpington chicks, they're about 11 weeks old: And here...
  6. EmilyEnns

    pullets or cockerels?

    i have a total of 15 chicks including purebred playmouth barred rock and BCM and two little EEs (so i’ve been told). They are 7 weeks old and starting to grow combs and waddles i’m guessing i have 8 pullets and 7 cockerels! what do you see?
  7. A

    12 week old Plymouth barred rock

    We have 2 Plymouth barred rock chickens. One has more white but looks and acts more like a pullet. The other one has double the wattle size, bigger and redder comb/wattle. Personality has always been more dominant, not afraid to wonder alone or be pet. It’s bigger than two blue andalusians that...
  8. F

    Gender of these four chickens

    Hi, I have raised 6 chickens of pure and crossed breeds of Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red. Here are their pictures. I am sure no.1 is hen and no.6 is roo. Can you tell the sex of chickens no. 2, 3, 4 and 5?
  9. K

    Introducing my girls...

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop up some photos of my girls here. Everyone has been so helpful and kind in helping us. About a year ago, I happened upon this site and was so extremely grateful for the advice and support I was given. I was distraught at the time. I had lost one of our...
  10. V

    Are they hens?

    I bought what I was told were 1 day old female black australorps from a local feed store.... they appear to be barred rock. These are my first chickens I’ve owned and I’d really love some options on if they are in fact girls. This is the 4 of them below today at 5 weeks 1 day old.
  11. Plymouth Barred Rock

    Plymouth Barred Rock

    4-5 week old pullet.
  12. Plymouth Barred Rock

    Plymouth Barred Rock

    2 weeks old.
  13. Plymouth Barred Rock cockerel

    Plymouth Barred Rock cockerel

    Here's one of my 6 1/2 week old accidental Barred Rock roos. Adorable! The males have double the white chromosome I heard but it was hard for them to tell when they were born because both sexes were mostly black. Cute but we can't keep him and his buddies.
  14. chickiechickiebawkbawk

    My Barred Rock is a Maran! French Black Copper OR feather leg variety of Cuckoo Maran?

    Hi I'm new to raising chickens and this website but it has been very helpful since I started chickening March 17th. If my research is right, I accidentally got a Maran in with my Barred Rocks from the farm store. Can anyone tell me if it's a French Black Copper Maran or a Cuckoo Maran (feathered...
  15. Crazy Pet Lady

    Dark Brahma and Barred Rock sexing help

    I have 8, 4 weeks old chicks. They're going to be split up between a friend and myself. Where we live we're allowed 5 hens or one Roo and 4 hens. I have all of them until they're old enough to be outside full time. Are any of them at a point where I can start asking for sexing help by sight? One...
  16. H

    Male or female?

    I have a barred rock chick i just got we were told it was a she but now im not so sure?
  17. A

    Any blue Andalusian and/or Plymouth experts?

    I have 14 day old blue Andalusian and 2 5ish day old Plymouth barred rock. One from each breed has had a comb since we got them. I know I’ll have to wait to be sure but what do you think? Cockerel or hopefully a pullet? first image is the blue Andalusians at a couple days old. Last 2 pictures...
  18. raenapaige

    Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Easter Egger, Sapphire Olive Egger

    Any guesses are appreciated! I know a few are on the young side, but fun nonetheless! Ginger, the RIR (5 weeks): Agnes, the PBR (5 weeks): Juniper, the BLRW (4 weeks) Magnolia, the EE (3 weeks): Aspen, the SOE (3 weeks):
  19. TwoPitsInaPod

    Hatching eggs from my Barred Rock Rooster x hen

    This question might already be answered elsewhere, but I'm thinking of trying to incubate some of our eggs to see what kind of chickens we get. I have a Barred Rock Roo who gets around with his ladies, we have many different breeds of hens including buff orpington, rhode island red, cuckoo...
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