polish bantam

  1. K

    Hi from Middle Tennessee

    Hello everyone. I've been a fan of this site for a long time, but just now decided to join to see everything that it has to offer. My family and I are what I call eclectic chicken enthusiasts. We love all our feather babies as pets, adore the unusual and rare ones the most, and can sit and...
  2. P

    Mixed flock

    I have seen negative posts about silver laced Wyandotte’s. My slw are great with my flock which includes silkies, barred rocks, sapphire gem, Cochin,and bantams. I have one slw that’s the leader of the flock. She is first to exit the enclosure in the morning and last to go in at night. She lets...
  3. RubyNala97

    Issue with newly hatched Polish chicks

    Hello! I have bred silkie chickens for a few years and this month decided to hatch my first batch of polish eggs. Eggs were shipped from a breeder in Florida (I’m in NY). Eggs began hatching yesterday morning and finished up overnight last night. I had 3 in the brooder last night and they seemed...
  4. O

    Hens Not Laying

    About 1 and 1/2 months ago I got 4 bantams (2 silkies, 1 chamois polish and 1 pekin). The farm I got them from stated that all their chickens are from 16-20 weeks old when sold. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it would take for them to start laying? And also does anyone have any advice...
  5. samcrook2

    HELP SEX SLW + Polish

    I have a silver laced Wyandotte and two polish gals as well as one hybrid with a Orpington father and white Sussex mother. They are all coming up 5 weeks with the polish closer to 7. I believe the hybrid and the silver laced Wyandottes are Roos though am desperate that they arn’t ! Can anybody...
  6. Chicken_girl17

    Polish crest questions

    Hi so I was planning on showing this year obviously that’s not gonna happen but we still did get our checks in and so as I’m training them I noticed a couple don’t have as big of puffs as others they are only a week or so old just wondering does the size of puffs they have going to affect the...
  7. K

    Golden laced polish???

    I got these bantams and I was wondering if anyone could help me either confirm or tell me the breed and these cuties!! Thanks 😊
  8. kaylafaith8

    Possible Polish Roo?

    Hey guys! I recently got this little bantam from a friend of ours and was wondering 1. If you could confirm the breed, and 2. If you could tell if it was a roo or hen just yet. I’ve never had good luck with bantam hens so I’m kinda leaning toward roo.
  9. MichelleKing

    Symptomatic hen, can't account for illness

    I have a VERY sick bantam buff laced polish hen (frizzle). She is 1.5 years of age. On Friday it was warm and I let the chickens out to free range. She was fine and running around like the little spunk she is. Yesterday, Saturday, I found her crouched, wings down, head down, backside curved...
  10. C

    Bumble foot that won't go away

    My polish hen is about three years old and has bumble foot. She weighs around 5 pounds maybe even less and we've been treating her with oral amoxicillin, epsom salt soak, betadine soak, and antibiotic creams. She does not have a black scab anymore and we've popped some of the infection out. It's...
  11. Krisitne

    Some Pics of My Pretties...

    I've been out in my yard, stalking my little flock again with my camera. Here is my Polish girl and one of my Paint silkies.
  12. I-need-help

    Do polish bantams do well in the winter?

    I am new to having chickens so the upcoming winter will be my first. I have 4 standard hens (they are 10 weeks old), a Cornish, and two polish bantams (a rooster and a hen, 17 weeks old). I tried to do some research and it sounds like chickens are fine in the winter as long as they have a nice...
  13. Potsmama

    Polish bantam chick, advice!?

    So I’ve adopted this crowned polish bantam chick, a friend found her in a parking lot abandoned. She couldn’t keep her so I offered. I have two birds already, (a red and a naked neck)and they get along great. I’m just concerned about whether or not they’ll eat along or they’ll hurt my lil girl...
  14. SarahHalliday

    Paralysed chicken - to bathe or not to bathe

    Hello all! First I must say that I’ve been using backyard chickens for YEARS but this is my first time posting. Such a helpful forum, I’m so appreciative of all of you. A few days ago, I noticed that my polish girl was struggling to walk, kinda flopping around the garden. When she was a...
  15. BrambleBerry

    Looking For Silkies in Mendocino County/NorCal

    Hello! I am looking for Silkies in Mendocino County, or possibly Sonoma County, even if someone knows a local breeder that would be great too. Also interested in Polish bantam chicks. Thanks!!!
  16. J

    6 week bantam polish color and gender?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what coloring my fabulous 6 week old bantam polish will end up being and your guess on Cockerel or pullet? I can't see any hint of comb under all that crest! I've never had a polish before and I'm in love.
  17. ronkonkoma

    Southport Farms Silkies, Satins and Polish

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=433472487401498&id=378953849520029 NPIP and AI tested for the year, just waiting on my #. Selling from a chocolate Silkie/Satin pen this year and bantam white polish. All feather types possible. Heres some of my breeder birds.
  18. MyShunshyn

    ISO Mille Fleur Duccle and Polish Hatching eggs

    I am in need of just a few Mille Fleur Duccle and any color type of Polish Hatching eggs. Please contact me with prices. I will not be wanting to set these eggs until mid March. Thanks, Maggie VanSickle
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