polish silkies

  1. LeggyLeghorn

    Low winter sun on the Pullets

    My Polish Silkie cross Pullets are now 5 months old. I have two pullets with no fancy head gear, just a straight comb. Is this genetics from a few birds back in mating? in this clip, there is a good close up of one of the straight comb pullets.
  2. Silkie Polish cross.

    Silkie Polish cross.

    The hens and cockerel are one year old, the pullets are three months old.
  3. Jef's Girl

    Country Girl Wannabe!

    I am so excited to be a part of such a large community of chicken lovers! I've waited to have my own flock for a couple years and we finally took the plunge, my Love built the 'girls' a Chicken Cottage and our little flock is doing very well. We just have to put the roof on. I look...
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