1. T

    Need help to sex my pomeranian geese

    Hello! First time goose wrangler here, and I have 9 Pomeranian geese that are now 5 months old. Here in indiana there seems to be a goose shortage, so I’d like to try breeding these guys in the spring, but I’m having a heck of a time sorting out which are males/females to start planning out my...
  2. DiYMama540

    Cotton Patch Geese

    Anyone have experience with cotton patch geese? I've found a breeder that is about 2 hrs from me, and honestly the heritage breed conservation intrigues me. I'm considering getting a pair and seeing how it goes. Wondering about their general temperament and noise level? I do have neighbors...
  3. cajun41887

    What breed is this?

    Hi guys! New to geese (just got 2 yesterday) and I’m wondering what breeds I have. They were hatchery choice at my local feed store. I suspect the darker one is a Saddleback Pomeranian and the yellow one is a White Chinese, but I’m not sure. I don’t know which hatchery they came from so not...
  4. Ryan Wiemken

    Pomeranian Geese, Rouen Ducks, and Aylesbury Ducks.

    I'm looking into buying some Pomeranian geese and maybe some rouen ducks and aylesbury ducks. I have a lot of experience raising waterfowl, especially ducks. I want to know if this is a good idea or not. I want to buy them as goslings and ducklings and raise them out to breed and sell hatching...
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