poop boards

  1. ValerieJ

    Roost bar and poop board depth question

    DH is designing our new coop today, or starting it anyway. I think I read somewhere that the roosting bar should be 2' from the wall. If that is so, does the poop board need to be 4'? Also, is a foot off the poop board high enough for the roost bar? In order to have windows that do not blow...
  2. tpatricco

    Recommendations for poop boards/trays for under roost

    I'm outfitting my recently delivered coop with the essentials before my first flock is old enough to move in. I'm planning to put a tray/board of some kind under the roosting area in the coop for easy cleaning - seems like a common practice. What kinds of trays (purchased? DIY constructed?)...
  3. Cotton Hill Chick

    Remodel of Used Coop the Hens Hate! ~ Ideas Please?

    Hi Everyone! These are interior shots of a used coop I purchased last year to move our existing flock into. This spring I added 9 standard sized hens to the flock, and started them in this coop while the main flock stayed next door in the original, smaller coop. All chickens have been in and...
  4. traci808

    Poop boards, Easy Peezy (similar to PDZ), Rain and More Flies every 24 hours

    Hello, Backyard Chickens Community! I could use some help troubleshooting my new coop setup. We have a coop with poop boards. I lined the poop boards with Easy Peezy (a horse stall freshener, similar to PDZ just a different brand). It's been raining every single day for over a week. Every...