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  1. W

    One-year-old laying hens for sale in Boulder Colorado

    One year old laying hens for sale in Boulder Colorado my wife and I are moving out of the country and are selling off our flock we started with 150 chickens and have a bout 35 left to sell. Breeds ranging from French copper Moran black copper Moran americana Arucauna red star leghorn… Please...
  2. CzyChikenMath

    Poultry Breeders & Hatcheries located in the Tri-State area of NE, USA

    As I Googled Breeders for this area (in short driving distance) an old list complied on this site came up first. It was nicely organized by state. It hasn't been updated in a few years. There were no breeders in NJ. I thought it might be good to compile a list or NPIP breeders in NJ, PA and...
  3. C

    White Silkie Chicks

    We currently have 6 white silkie chicks for sale ($5.00 each) born on 1/8/18. We are located in Sevierville,TN.
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