prairie bluebell

  1. J

    Prairie Bluebell Egger

    Hi I am new to chickens. I just wanted to see if this was a pullet. She may have laid an egg already, but I can’t tell for certain due to the fact my other bluebell egger is always in the coop. But I just don’t really see her in the coop that much and I just want to make sure because most of...
  2. N

    What kind of hen is this?

    Hey y’all! This is Merle the chicken. I got her out of a prairie bluebell bin at rural king. I don’t know if that is what she is or not. What are your ideas on her breed. If you have this breed let me see pictures. :) The pictures below are her now and when she was a little one.
  3. aticiabray

    Prairie Bluebell Egger

    Hi! I just purchased some PBBE chicks and I am new to them. I was wondering if you all could share photos of your adults so I can see the different color varieties they come in. 😊 I got a white one with a few small black spots and a solid black one. Please and thank you!
  4. NinaO

    I thought I had 3 Blue Andalusians....

    I thought I had 3 Blue Andalusians, but now I am wondering if I have 3 Prairie Blue Eggers, one in splash. What do you all think? They are about 8 weeks here. The splash is our top bird. They are apart of a group of 10 "Rare Choice" ordered from Tractor Supply. They are friendly and fun, super...
  5. T

    Blue Prairie Bluebell - Pullet or Cockerel (Pics)

    She shipped from Hoover’s as a vent sexed pullet (Prairie Bluebell) but at 6 weeks and 5 days old, her comb and wattles are much more red than her 5 sister’s nude colored, barely there combs. She is also much larger, the same size as a hen I incubator hatched a week earlier than her hatch date...
  6. MotherOfCluckers

    Prairie Bluebell Egger

    Six weeks old. Hoover’s hatchery via Rural King. Pullet or cockerel? I have two, and they are supposed to be prairie Bluebell eggers. Pictures below. Tail fathers are almost nonexistent.
  7. MotherOfCluckers

    Help Sexing Egger type chickens!

    You all have been so helpful that I’m asking again. These kids are coming up on 4 weeks, so it may be too soon to tell, but... The brown one was sold as an Americana and the black two were sold as Prairie Bluebell Eggers. They were all supposed to be pullets. One of the black ones barely has any...
  8. CrazyChickMommaOppe

    Can't figure out which pullets are which breed. Any thoughts?

    2 are Prairie Bluebell Eggers and 2 are Sapphire Gems. I just don't know which one is which. Anyone familiar with either breed?
  9. T

    Prairie Bluebell Breeding produces what color egg layer?

    I’ve been wanting some prairie bluebells and wanting the ability to produce blue egg layers myself. I asked Hoover hatchery if crossing a prairie bluebell rooster and a prairie bluebell hen would result in offspring that lays blue eggs. They replied that they do not breed true. (This is obvious...
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