1. Chicks 'n ducks

    Rabbit Overdue Pregnancy

    Hello all, I have a 3 year old Dwarf Hotot doe that I purchased last year. She had had several healthy litters with them. Since I have owned her, she has had one false pregnancy and one failed pregnancy. She had 3 DOA kits total, all days apart she reabsorbed and mummified one kit that she later...
  2. PeaPod117

    HELP: Rabbit in labor

    Hello! So this morning I looked into the hutch and saw a kit sitting on the wire, still alive. I had no idea my doe was pregnant, and took action to remove it and the mother and placed them in a Tupperware. I put some rabbit fur Ive been collecting in there, since the “nest” the doe made was 3...
  3. Flaisure

    Rabbit pregnancy help!!

    I have a doe that I could have sworn was pregnant. About 2 1/2 weeks ago she pulled about 3 hand fulls of fur out and was making a nest. She would have been 31 days on Monday so 33 days today. But still nothing. She was carrying hay around in her mouth a couple days ago, but when I came into my...
  4. pdonoho

    Goat pregnant- HELP- This wasn't supposed to happen.

    Help!!!! I castrated my only intact male back in Oct. I really thought I had made it through without a pregnancy-- I have 4 goats and they are simply pets. Well went to do their hooves today and noticed that 1 (only 1 ) of my girls now has teats and her vulva seems swollen or maybe just...
  5. GizmoTheChicken

    Goat Prolapse; Lute or C-Section??

    Let me start off by saying that this is a Nigerian Dwarf doe who had three 4 pound babies last year, two of which were born dead. This year she's been having almost constant moderate prolapses (about 2-3 inches out), which are more apparent when she lays down (about 3-4 inches out). Her mom had...
  6. Ashley135

    Pregnant rabbit question

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the page because I'm seeking some advice about the breeding of my mini rex doe. I'm new to breeding my pedigree show rabbits and I'm hoping someone could give me some hope for this pregnancy! My doe was breed 28 days ago with 2 "fall off's" from my buck. I put her nesting...
  7. Emmakeoghoreilly13

    Is my guinea pig pregnant?!

    she's been sleeping loads and staying in her tunnel a lot and only coming out to eat and drink please help
  8. E


    Ok, I am all for vets, but I cannot go to a vet due to a financial setback. My bun, Stormi, had 4 kits yesterday morning. She is bleeding again from her private and is acting the same way she did before she delivered her last kits. I know does have two horns that can produce two seperate...
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