1. E

    Ducklings hatched with Yolk not fully absorbed.

    I had a time crawling all over internet articles that pertain to ducklings and chicks hatching with their yolks not being fully absorbed. Which seems to be surprisingly rare. This may sometimes occur when the duckling/chick is premature. All of the articles I came across had rather sad...
  2. Newbie80

    Incubator:Ducks problems

    We are hatching duck eggs in our classroom in an incubator. Monday we lost a duckling who hatched prematurely (we're assuming - it came out bloody and still had a full yoke). Yesterday two more pipped and then staled. We decided to leave them and give them time. This morning my coworker arrived...
  3. J


    I think we have a preemi, started pipping yesterday morning externally the wrong end was no progress so pierced a tiny hole in membrane so it had air, left all day under mum, last night a lot of shell picked off, we think by mum, but she was pecking too hard and we saw blood, she had already had...
  4. Hthomas23

    Desperate need of help please!

    Hiya, I could really do with some advise. I have 2 female African Runner Ducks who have been sitting on 5 eggs for around 2 1/2 - 3 weeks . around 5pm today I found one of the eggs in the garden. It looks like a rat has began eating the shell but the duckling was still moving inside I emptied...
  5. D

    *URGENT* Chick intestines coming out butt?!?!!

    HELP! My new baby chick seams to have her stomach coming out from her rear end and it seems to be attached to her, it won't come off and she has been hatched for 2-3 hours now! I don't want to put her down, as I am not skilled in the area, the bulge seems mostly red but is a little yellow I am...
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