1. Smuvers Farm

    When to Start Stocking Up?

    What time of year (or month) would be good to start saving eggs instead of selling? We currently have a flock size of 13, with egg production between 7-9 eggs per day as we still have littles that aren't laying yet. I'd like to save enough to provide 3-5 dozen eggs per month for the months...
  2. Raymond Dean White

    NW Arizona newbie

    I'm an author of "Bugging In: What To Do When TSHTF and You Live in Suburbia" as well as a few Thrillers and Apocalyptic Fiction books and ebooks. I'm into heirloom vegetable gardening and want to get some chickens. I'm not exactly new to raising chickens as we had chickens, ducks, and geese on...
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