1. M

    New duck egg production

    So I'm getting a new duck and she's going to be laying age (all my other girls are about to lay), will I see a pause in production during the transition between farm and adjusting to her new home?
  2. Pictorhens

    Supplying eggs UK

    Hi, Currently I have a few backyard hens which produce lots of eggs, but I’m looking to expand my flock a bit further to maybe start supplying the eggs to local cafes in my area. I understand this is the beginning of straying away from backyard chickens... but I think its a step in the right...
  3. Henrybelle

    Stopped laying eggs!

    I have seven assorted hens and my rockstar layer a red sexlink who has laid an egg almost everyday since she came into lay almost a year ago has stopped laying she is otherwise still acting normal should I be concerned? It’s been almost a week since her last egg! Her food is the same she appears...
  4. Katonk

    If you could ask a poultry science professor

    What's questions would you pose to a poultry science professor? I've had a bunch of questions about deep litter and the feisability of a tractor hybrid, so I decided to reach out to the experts. I joined up here and got the benefit of years apon years of experience through members generous...
  5. Hen_Solo_AZ

    Tractor Supply Co: Color Egg Production Pack

    Last week I ordered 10 chicks from TSC. I ordered the “color egg production pack” linked here: I got the chicks last week and all of them look really similar. Not only that, but the hatchery...
  6. Sienna Star

    Sienna Star

    The Sienna Star is an attractive alternative gold and silver sex-link hybrid. The genetics are a Brown Leghorn and a Sussex, making an excellent egg layer that produces cream-colored eggs. The Sienna Star's robustness and quiet temperament make this bird suitable for backyard flocks to larger...
  7. Kimmyh51

    Artificial lights for staggered laying and moulting

    Artificial lighting and 'staggered' laying... Sorry this is so long! Hi all. I am hoping some of you with expertise and experience with artificial lighting can give some advice. I have a flock of khaki campbell and khaki Campbell x with runner and some i suspect Appleyard or harlequin ducks...
  8. AnneDrum

    Egg production problem in pastured chickens (fed sorghum, barley and oats)

    Hi everyone. I have 16 chickens. 4 roosters and 12 hens, 8 months old. I am getting between 2-5 eggs per day from the girls and on very few occassions, 6 or 7 eggs. I feel this is too low. If they lay a minimum of 3 eggs per week per hen, I should be getting at least 5 eggs a day. such lovely...
  9. I

    Help when eggs stop coming

    I have been raising chickens for 1.5 years I thought I figured things out but I clearly need some advice. In the past I have successfully integrated different adult flocks, introduced mature chicks to the flock, protected coop and pen from coyotes. Last winter solved water freezing issues...
  10. Fanci Feathers Marans

    To light, or not to light?

    I want to hatch some chicks in February, so that by the time they are out of the brooder, it will be Spring. But the problem is getting the eggs out of my hens in December. I have one hen in particular that I want chicks from, so it's really important that she lay as many as possible in a week's...
  11. Parront

    New in AZ

    Hi, I am a new member to BYC. I owned chickens in the 80's -- I ordered a box of 50 chickens from Murray McMurray, from their catalog. I have been enjoying reading this forum without joining for a few years now, because I was chicken-less. Now, I have retired and moved to Prescott, AZ and am...
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