pullet cockerel chicken gender polish silkie cross

  1. Silkie Polish cross.

    Silkie Polish cross.

    The hens and cockerel are one year old, the pullets are three months old.
  2. Walkbarefoot

    Please help.. thought about this chick... thank you

    This is my almost 8 week old polish created chick. I am wondering if it is a pullet or cockerel? Or perhaps it is too soon to tell? Feathers on head are Mohawk like, but not super spiked... no sign of comb or wattle... thoughts?? Such a friendly bird!!
  3. MichyA


    I have two polish/silkie cross chickens. I think the black and orange is about 10 weeks and the orange is closer to 12 weeks old. Anyone think they can tell the gender? I'm thinking pullet for the black and orange but less sure about the orange.
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