pullet or cockeral

  1. JessKennedy

    Hen or Roo 5-6 week Sussex & Australorp chicks

    Hen or Roo I have 6 babies 5-6 weeks old help me with sexing pls, These are my first chicks. 1 Buff Sussex - Roo I think… 2 Black Australorp 3 Blue Australorp 4 Light Sussex no 1 5 Lavender Sussex 6 Light Sussex 2
  2. Meghanbx

    6 week of dark Brahma pullet or cockerel?

    Hello there this is my 6 week old Brahma biggie! it’s my first time owning a Brahma chick and Im in love already! But struggling to work out if this little ones a pullet or a cockerel? And would appreciate any input and help!
  3. G

    Bantam male or female

    Hi All! We have a 3 month old Bantam. Does anyone know if it is a male or female?
  4. J

    Sexing 14week old silkie chicks

    I have 5 chicks and I wanted some opinions on what sex they are. I know for sure that the 5th is a roo and I think that their all roos but I'm not 100% sure about everyone. The first 2 pics are the parents and the rest are the chicks, I put numbers in the photos so that their easier to refer to.
  5. C

    Pullet or Roo Starlight Green Egger

    My Starlight Green Egger is about 9-10 weeks. She is growing big waddles, but is a sweet little one. I can’t find much on this breed. Is she/he a Roo or a Pullet? Thanks yall
  6. A

    cockerel or pullet?

    This is Mushu (who I assumed was a pullet but i'm not so sure anymore). She has very long tail feathers compared to the other small grey americauna I have. Let me know what you think.
  7. Cluckcluck2000

    Black Copper Marans?

    I'm a new chicken mama looking for help identifying the breed and sex of these chickens! They were in rough shape when we brought them home, missing feathers in some places. The lady we purchased them from told us they were Black Copper Marans, but I'm not too sure. We're also not 100% that...
  8. D

    First time chicken mom here...please help with breeds and gender!

    So I just hatched my first group of chickens early April and am having so much fun with them. I have 3 silkies that are 7 weeks (supposed to be but one has regular feathers) and 3 others that are 6 weeks (one olive egger, one frizzled something, and a black copper maran). It’s looking like I may...
  9. A

    11 week old Easter Egger pullet or cockerel?

    I bought sexed chicks , want to be positive about gender on this one
  10. B

    Ladies or Gents? 4-6weeks old, no idea what sex

    Hello!!! Our first ever chickens and we know nothing at all about sexing chicks. Lol. We were told all were hens, but the two isabels were too young to guess. There are 6 of these little cuties, each photo is a different chick. Can you help us guess as to what we have? We aren’t allowed...
  11. chickenfarming101

    3 Week old golden laced Wyandotte

    It's my first time getting Wyandotte's so I have no idea how to sex them. We got this one at a place that didnt take the best care of them, they said it was 90% pullets but I'm not sure how accurate that was.
  12. R

    What is the breed, gender and age of this Chicken?

    Can anyone help me to decide it's gender,breed and age of this Chicken? Please help. And When will she start laying?
  13. A

    Light Sussex Cockerel or Pullet?

    Hi, I’ve got a light Sussex who’s recently started crowing and I’m starting to wonder if she is actually a he. I think she’s about 20 weeks old. I’m pretty new to keeping chickens so I’d love to get some more opinions. Thanks in advance!
  14. Texas Transplant

    10 Week old Mottled Javas, all pullets?

    I've got three healthy and ridiculously skittish (and at times aggressive) 10 week old Mottled Java chicks, 2 have flogged me (Ursula and Lavar). One has exhibited flogging behavior since it was 1 week old. They have a lavish lifestyle with zero stress, eat Scratch and Peck organic grower and...
  15. C

    Help Buff Orpington 8-10 week old Sexing

    Hi everyone I had posted about sexing my Buff Orps 2 weeks ago and I was told there was a slim chance that this BO could be a pullet. Here is an update, is it a roo or a pullet? Is there any chance it could be a pullet? for reference this is her/him at 6 weeks:
  16. Alnjchickens

    Easter Egger Pullet or Cockerel

    So i got this chick i am guessing its around 2-3 months old. Anyone have any idea if I got another roo in my flock? :(
  17. montanacowgirl

    Hen or Roo?

    I’m looking at getting this gorgeous blue laced red wyandotte, but before I make my final decision, I’d like to make sure its at least MOST LIKELY a hen. This year has been quite unlucky with my rooster to hen rates and I’m a city dweller, so roos are a definite no-go. Can anyone tell me if this...
  18. Greystonechicks

    BLRW pullet or Roo?

    My first time hatching this beautiful breed and assumed this chick was a Roo as was slow to feather and quite “bitey” in temperament also tail feathers aren’t completely rounded. Chick is now 10wks old and has hardly any comb and wattles tho 🤔 what age should the Roos combs start showing? Thank...
  19. C

    Cochin - pullet?

    I have never had bantam Cochins before and have no idea I’d these little ones are crockrels or pullets. They are about 6 weeks old. They all have little waddles. Did I just get unlucky and get 3 boys?
  20. jessg84

    What sex is this Jersey Giant?

    This is a picture of my black jersey giant at around 11.5 weeks. Any idea of the sex?
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