1. Pullets eat from a Pumpkin

    Pullets eat from a Pumpkin

    Small colorful dishes always get special attention from the girls.
  2. Dylan Lambert

    Is this a pumpkin or watermelon??????

    This has been growing in my compost pile for a little while now. Just wondering if it is from pumpkins or watermelons i threw in the pile?
  3. K

    How much pumpkin?

    We were carving and gave the 4 girls we have the left overs. They wouldn't touch it til I hand fed them. Now they're losing their minds over it. So, can there be too much of it at once? Can I store it and give them a bit daily? There is rine, guts, and some seeds that we didn't pick out for...
  4. cluckmecoop7

    Can pumpkin be fed as a treat?

    Hi everyone :frow I was wondering if pumpkin can be fed as a treat to chickens? I don't want to hurt them, and it's just for a treat, not for de-worming, etc. Also, are the seeds ok? Thanks! :) - Clucky
  5. DiYMama540

    Pumpkin pound cake

    Moist and delicious!! Made this today and turned out great! Instead of the glaze included with the recipe, I used cream cheese frosting. Another tweak I made was to cut the cloves back to a 1/4tsp. Perfect! Here's the link to the recipe...
  6. WallyBirdie

    LADY Pumpkin?!

    Previously, I posted pictures of my Wyandotte named Pumpkin. The popular vote was that Pumpkin was a cockerel. Now, I'm not so sure... Pumpkin (left) and Adam (right) are the same age. (Not the best pictures...) Adam crows and is the dominant flock leader. Pumpkin doesn't crow and just...
  7. WallyBirdie


    I've gotten better at sexing birds since I've joined this site. It's fun to look at a picture and be able to just know and help! And yet I have one or two of my own birds that keep me guessing. This is Pumpkin. Pumpkin came as a surprise because I ordered two and three of a few different...
  8. DuckWhisperer06

    Pumpkin plants?

    Does anybody know what kind of plant this is? Thanks in advance!
  9. R


    As I understand it pumpkin and I think squash is a good treat for the birds. Do you just toss a whole pumpkin in? Or halve it? Other?
  10. ChickenGirl555

    Pumpkin ‘soup’

    i know it’s past Halloween and almost Christmas, but I realized I never did anything with some leftover pumpkins. They were rotting on my front porch, so I brought them to the backyard and grabbed my hatchet. I cut one in half, and left all of the goopy insides. Then I threw in some scratch mix...
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