purple comb

  1. Georgeschicks

    2 two and a half year old hens stopped laying

    hello! my two and a half year old bcm and delaware hens stopped laying recently. the bcm hasn’t been laying for a while but we didn’t realize that our delaware wasn’t laying until this week bc we had two other hens who layed similar eggs. the bcm i posted about previously and people told me she...
  2. Georgeschicks

    chicken has a purple floppy comb and is not laying

    hello! I have a two year old bcm hen. she has not been laying recently but I didn’t think anything of it because she has always been a bad layer. two days ago i noticed that her comb is purple floppy and I am wondering what is wrong. her activity has been weird lately too. she often stands stock...
  3. Georgeschicks

    floppy comb?

    hi! my almost two years old bcm has a floppy comb that is also a weird color. is she ok? what should i do? usually her comb stands up.
  4. Kris5902

    Meat bird, Probably dying. Can I help her? Possible heart issue?

    I came back from setting some eggs in the incubator and when I went to do the evening move/feed noticed one of my meat birds didn’t move to the new grass, wouldn’t stand or go for the feed. I’ve moved her inside her comb is purplish she is panting and has a swollen abdomen right near her vent. I...
  5. T

    Chronic breathing issue sexlink hen 1.6 years old

    Hello all! This is my first post. I have a sexlink hen who has a chronic wheezing issue. It comes and goes. If she is agitated or she moves too quickly(runs, gets mounted) her comb and wattles turn purple and she starts wheezing with her beak open. I used to give her 1/2 ml of la 300 noro...
  6. Mariakoltsa

    Sick Chicken. Watery bright yellow poo, closed eyes, not moving, jerking head

    she was fine one day and the next morning opened up the coop and she didnt come out to eat, came back from work she was still there while other chickens were out. She has been getting worse every hour. She sits still or lays down with eyes closed not moving at all, puts her head on the aide...
  7. Gatta0618

    Hens comb different colors, PLEASE HELP!!

    I been raising chicken for three years, this is the first time I have ever seen this. My chicken (peep peep) comb goes red, light pink, to purple. She don’t have notes or lice. She comes when we call her, still gets excited and jumps into the cars. (She will be 1 years old in March but started...
  8. Feather Hearts

    Pullet Lethargic, Comb Going Dark, Please Help!

    My pullet Vanilla started laying recently(I have two of her eggs under a broody right now) For the last couple of days I noticed she was acting a little odd, she was roosting, but doing a kind of 'egg squat' at the same time, she's always a bit of an odd little chicken, so I thought nothing of...
  9. RoostersAreAwesome

    Darkening Comb on Cockerel

    My serama/d'uccle mix cockerel had a completely normal looking comb until about a month ago. Since then, it has progressively gotten darker, and is now almost black. I am especially worried because this cockerel was born with a split in his breastbone. Also, his siblings still have perfectly...
  10. BamburghFarms

    A purple tinge to quarantined hen’s comb??

    She wasn’t feeling well so we separated her from the flock a few days ago, in an XL dog crate in a very low lit area of the garage with food and water with Corid etc. Today she seems really improved but her comb has turned a purple-ish tint on its edges? Is it not enough light or something...
  11. ChickenyChickeny

    Comb turning purple??!!?!?

    My hen's comb is purple at the end. its not swelling, just... purple. Also, it feels cold, and that bit of her comb is thinner than the rest of her comb. She does have coryza, could this be a side effect? Or is this because of some circulation problem? I'm lost here
  12. palaeosam

    Rooster's extreme reaction to vet visit

    Hi all, I took our two Seramas for their routine nail clipping yesterday and things went a little differently than usual: normally she has a mad flap and won't settle down and he looks after her. This time, she quietly took the clipping (guess she's getting used to it) but he went into stress...
  13. Pumpkin the rooster

    Bantam rooster face purple?

    About 2 days ago I went to check my chickens, and I noticed on my bantam roo that his face had the slightest blue tint, it was hardly noticeable, I just thought he got scared or something and his face will go back to normal, I came to check on him again today, and his face is purple! Not...
  14. JMotuzick

    Egg bound pullet?

    These are not the best pictures but this is my BR pullet (she’s a late bloomer, I think anyhow). She has been standing in the nesting box a lot lately, even at mid day with everyone else outside. She is eating for sure, as I’ve seen her, her crop seams softish. She is up and moving around and...
  15. ChickenMorals

    sick chicken! help

    I work with the chickens at my school. Today, I noticed that a hen has a nearly violet colored comb, is lethargic, and when she got picked up, a ton of drool came out of her beak. These symptoms seem to have appeared suddenly, what could be the cause? I'll attach a picture of her ASAP
  16. HappyClucker7

    What killed my hen and how do I keep my flock healthy?

    Yesterday we lost our one year old Australorp, Peppa. The day before she came out of the hen house with the rest of our flock and seemed normal at breakfast. A little while later we went back down to the coop and noticed that she was letting out a runny, stinky green-brown poop. Then she went...
  17. WitchChick

    Danish leghorns comb turning blue

    I have noticed this before and again today. Both of my Danish leghorns have purple spots in their comb, it's as if one side of it is turning blue. They're acting normal, eating well, laying eggs. I'm going to attach some photos. Unfortunately, I am in a boot, and can't chase them right now ...
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