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  1. D

    How to keep your quail's feet clean?

    This is my first time owning quail, and I've loved every second of it, except for this one problem. It always seems that my button quail keep getting their own poop stuck on their claws, turning them into little orbs of fecal matter and feathers hanging off their feet until I clean it. I've had...
  2. C

    What are we doing wrong with our chicks?

    Hey everyone! Am new to this forum and made an account in the hopes that someone might be able to help with these issues we've been having with our Japanese quail babies. We're still pretty new to quailing in general and hatched the first chick on Nov 10. The first 2 chicks we got died...
  3. S

    Getting a quail soon

    Getting a quail Friday I don't live in an area where feed is easy to access so I was going to make my own using ingredients is this ok for a mix ( I'm getting an adult). Cornmeal Oats rolled Lentils Sunflower seeds And some fruits and vegetables every now and then
  4. L

    Will a single baby quail be lonely?

    Actually I had two baby quails, one of them was very weak since he hatched, he couldn't stand on his own and slept all the time. I tried to give him some food and water but he shut his eyes every time. And the day after I found him dead, now that only one quail left alone, i wonder if he will be...
  5. M

    Foot problem with little quail... please help!!

    We have been keeping quail for just short of a year. They live on the ground with a board to prevent rats and “easy chick” bedding. Some time ago, early July we noticed one of the smallest quail (we only have 6) had a swollen foot. By mid-July we were worried enough, because she limps a lot, to...
  6. Chick dayz

    What quail breeds are best??

    I have had chickens (4 silkie hens) for a while now and decided I wanted more chicks but when I thought about it I thought, why get more chickens what about another type of bird... Then I read about quail and decided I wanted some but I have no idea what breeds to get!!! I kind of want button...
  7. SemiQ

    My quail can't get along? URGENT

    I have two female quail that are having trouble getting along. For context, I have a wild coloured one called Rigby and a Italian coloured one called Butter (Rigby is slightly larger in size). They have laid eggs so I know they are both female. Rigby was hand -raised alone, while Butter was...
  8. I

    Help identifying female button quail call

    Our female king / button quail laid six eggs and seems to be trying to hatch them. She makes this call every once in a while. Any ideas on what it means?
  9. K

    Sharpie on Eggs???

    Is it safe to mark X’s And O’s with a sharpie marker on quail eggs before incubation process??
  10. I

    Need help caring for my new Quail

    Hey all! My girlfriend and I bought a quail recently to care for, and we're quite concerned that we might not be giving him the best care. I have a few questions regarding how to properly care for him but before that a bit of information and background. -We bought him from a pet store and he...
  11. Doathing

    Canadian quail newbie

    I got two birds from a guy who was super shady. He had tonnes of them but wouldn't let me see the coop. I argued him down to 5CAD for two. They are 'cortnix' I'm mostly blind but they look bright white to me. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I've raised chicks but...
  12. CoturnixKeeper

    Quail fighting very strangely

    Hello, for the past couple of months I've been raising three Coturnix quail in a roughly 18 square foot outdoor enclosure. Recently they have been fighting but not in the way you'd expect. The two females seem to be bullying the male as he is the only one missing feathers on his head when I go...
  13. L

    Air bubble on baby quails neck

    one of my chicks has an air bubble on its neck. The skin is pretty thin and it’s kinda yellow if you look through it, kinda like it’s food. I thought of puncturing it but if it’s the crop that would be bad. Also, it’s chest skin is pretty thin and it has been opening its mouth kinda as if it was...
  14. R

    Japanese quails- help!

    A few days ago I received 3 female quail which I very highly suspect one is a male! I’ve never owned or raised quails so forgive me if some of my questions seem silly! We were told they will be fine in a small chicken coop so we purchased one that has a lockable hutch that has a ramp going into...
  15. Allisonlovesnancy

    New baby quail!!

    Hello BYC family! I went to 4H yesterday and my leaders assistant surprised me with three baby quail! I have wanted quail for a while now and asked her to hatch me some (she offered first) but I had never heard back from her so I had no clue I was getting them! What should I know about quail...
  16. SugarChick

    Hen raising quail?

    im thinking about getting some quail eggs and having my broody hen hatch and possibly raise them? Advice?? Please, I’ve never had quails. I’ve read up on them but would like some more info
  17. M

    Quail sounds

    Hi, I have an 8 week old female Coturnix Quail. She is healthy, laying eggs, eating and drinking well, very curious. I am wondering about a sound she makes and I’m pretty sure I know what it means but I’d like to hear from anyone here. When I am home she has mostly free reign in my apartment...
  18. HarleyQuailison

    I need Help!

    I guess I posted in the wrong area. Here was yesterdays post : So last I was here, I had gotten Therapy quail for the murder of my emotional support dog. I had three and my female was freaking out. I did not know until it was too late that the other two were male, and she needed a mate. After...
  19. D

    Is TerrAmigo ok for Quail?

    I'm getting some quail chicks later today. Is it healthy to use TerrAmigo for bedding? Edit: The TerrAmigo I have is Natural Pine.
  20. D

    At what age can you get Quail?

    Aye, I've been looking to raise some Quail. However, having dealt with other animals before I know that many of the animals for sale are often far younger than they are supposed to be. Many times market as "minis" and such. What age should I look for when buying Quail?
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