raccoon proof

  1. kaumlauf

    Is this dog house (for ducks) raccoon proof if I put a door on it?

    Hi, Do you think this very heavy and thick polycarbonate material will be raccoon proof ? I will attach a hinged and pad locked door. It'll be for my couple of ducks., for safety at night, and have it raised on cinder blocks. Thank you.
  2. Caryar18

    Raccoons getting chickens

    Any tips or advice on how to raccoon proof your coop as much as possible?? Also will rats/mice get my 5 week old chicks? If so how do I prevent? Thank you in advance!
  3. songbirdfarms

    Plz help identify tracks

    We have a creek that runs along our farm; I can’t tell whether these are coon or mink - and they go right up to the coop
  4. W

    Olfactory deterrents for 'coons?

    (My apologies in advance if this a repeat thread. If it is, please point me in the direction I can find it.) I have seen quite a few posts on the internet about using different smells, sprays, etc to deter raccoons: --cinnamon, cloves,etc (doesn't make sense-love cin/raisin bread fed to...
  5. AsanumaGardens

    Recommendations: Best locks for keeping out raccoons?

    We have some tenacious raccoons in our area, and are trying to keep that in mind as we finish our new coop. Our concern is that we have three sets of two vertical doors which need a lock that wont come apart if both doors are pulled out simultaneously. What has worked best for y'all? EDIT...
  6. Bnanners

    Newish to Chickens- Placer county CA

    Hi, I have had a flock of chickens for 3 1/2 years. I have learned a lot since I started!!! The most we have had at one time is 16 hens. (Roosters were too aggressive and noisy- I would like to try again with a more tame one.) We have lost quite a few to hawks, so now we do not free range...
  7. JaneandLizzy

    Chickengaurd automatic door and raccoons

    I got the Chickengaurd door last May. I've been very happy with not having to open and close the door every day, --and so are my chickens-- but, I've been a bit uneasy ever since, because it does not appear to be raccoon proof. I have looked off and on for the past year to find something...
  8. Jennyrose1127


    Hello there. I’ve come across Backyard Chickens many times over the last year but haven’t joined until today. I had a mixed flock of 10 sweet, beautiful chickens. They were just over a year old when I lost them all to a daytime raccoon attack on March 31. I’m devastated by the loss. Their run...
  9. TwinsLoveChicks

    Best Raccoon-Proof Locks and Latches?

    I am building a new coop and would love to know what the best raccoon/predator proof locks and latches are. Thank you in advance! :)
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