1. Ra_

    The Florida

    This is a crossbreed project inspired by the Delaware breed. The Delaware were created from white sports that resulted from mating a Barred Rock rooster to a New Hampshire hen. I crossed my Barred Rock roo with Dixie Rainbow, which look similar to New Hampshire but instead of 5 to 6 pounds...
  2. Ra_

    Rainbow Rock Large Breed Hatching Eggs

    You are probably going to get a good variety of colors from these eggs. Do not buy them unless you want big birds because I think these will be very large. More about this breed in this thread. One dozen (12) hatching eggs for $18. Shipping is $12.80 to all 50 states. Start a flock of Rainbow...
  3. Ra_

    Rooster Ritual

    Do you have a rooster ritual?
  4. DelaneyMGB25

    May Storm

    Yikes!! Just got a thunderstorm with some 70 mike per hour wind gusts! Nothing to badly damaged, thankfully! We have a missing hen, but for now I’m not too worried, she probally found a place to hide until it was over. I was working in the coop, to suddenly be hammered with sudden wind and rain...
  5. Rainbow Chick

    Rainbow Chick

    Rainbow Chick walkin’ https://www.redbubble.com/people/heidiannemorris/works/27740202-rainbow-chick
  6. venymae

    Monochrome Flocks with Rainbow Eggs

    I really like the idea of flocks where all the birds are the same color, but their eggs are not! So I'm putting together little lists. Because it's fun. Feel free to add any breeds & their egg color that I might have missed! Here is my first list: BLACK Chicken Flock: White Egg Layers...
  7. venymae

    Calico Jack - barred with every color!

    This is Calico Jack, a mix breed rooster I hatched out for my father. He's still young, and his tail has continued to get a little bigger every time I see him. Here's his lineage... Pure Bred Auraucana ROO X Hatchery RIR HEN (gen 1) (gen 1) HEN X Crested Cream Legbar Mix ROO = Calico Jack So...
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