1. Sally Sunshine

    Complete Guide to Incubation, Poultry Raising, Care and much more!

    Incubating w/Friends Notes & Links Because sometimes notes work Better than Brains! Here is the thread link, come join us...
  2. SlowQueen

    How to Create a Cooling Ice Rock Oasis for your Chicks

    Hello Friends! It's been in the upper 90s consistently down here in sunny South Florida and my little chicks are panting their beaks off! In an attempt to give them some relief I created a little 'Cooling Ice Rock Oasis' for them to enjoy last weekend. This really helped cool them off in...
  3. clawstar

    Malformation, Disabilities, Deformations in Quail and How to Cure them.

    This page is all about malformation disabilities and deformities in gamebird (pretty much any bird) and how, if possible, to cure them. The list is in alphabetical order... crooked neck and leg Causes Stuck in egg Low humidity? Cure A type of sprain for the leg...
  4. tatsmom25

    Our Chicken Journey

    These are our first chicks. We picked them up from a breeder in Rutledge, GA. We had 3 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Cuckoo Maran, 1 White Silkie and 1 Blue Silkie and a Buff Laced Polish we all loved named Cheddar. They were all 1 week old when we got them except Cheddar who was just hatched. I drove...
  5. Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching

    Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching

    ps.... dont hesitate to pop on the threa ALSO there is a 9 1 1 - HELP! stuff went wrong links from the thread HERE.. https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/incubating-w-friends-helpful-notes-links-informational-post-links Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching by, Sally Sunshine Poultry...
  6. my sunwolf

    Easter Egger Chicks in My Shed

    These are my adventures turning the shed into a coop for a batch of Easter Egger chicks... November 28, 2012: We have an old shed on the property, divided into three sections with two doors. One of the sections is 10'x10', perfect for a huge batch of chicks, though I ordered only 25...
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