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  1. Quailobsessed

    Broody for the forth time in a row. Do I stop her?

    I have a king quail hen who has been broody since July. She went broody on eight eggs and hatched out three chicks in July. One chick was rejected the moment she hatched so we hand raised her. The other two were rejected at two and a half weeks old. One died, the other we found half dead but we...
  2. C

    Cold weather for pullets

    Hello, So, I got nine baby chicks. They were hatched on Dec. 2. I have a broader set up in my heated garage and they're doing great. My question is about when I can safely move them to the coop. I had chickens for years and then stopped for a few years and now I'm starting again so I do know...
  3. ValerieJ

    Reptile heat light in coop?

    For all the wrong reasons I am raising 4 chicks in the fall. I want to move them out to a coop in a few weeks, but I will need to heat it for them. Has anyone used one of these lights for heating a coop? How did it work out? I'm going to use my smallest coop and don't think I will be able to...
  4. Wonderling

    Helping Broody Hen?

    I've got two broody hens, one went into mama mode once the eggs started to hatch and the other is all about the eggs and doesn't care about the chicks. I have moved Coco (the mama hen) and chicks into a separate section of the coop so they can be together. Gucci the other hen is still on the...
  5. jaks2578

    What breed and gender?

    Hello all :frow I purchased this chick along with some Silkie chicks. This chick is approximately 10 days old. Does anyone know what is this chick’s breed and, if possible, gender? Thank you all!!!! :jumpy
  6. jaks2578

    Silkie Chick Vent Protruding

    Hello all! My Silkie chick appears to have an “outy” vent. At first, I thought my baby just had pasty butt. I have to clean her every day. Will she grow out of this? Thank you all for your advice.
  7. C

    What I've learned so far...

    We are just finishing up with week two of raising our first chicks. We only have four, as we live in town and wanted them to have more than enough space to be comfortable. Two Saturdays ago, the trip to Tractor Supply was made and we excitedly picked out two little yellow banties (which I...
  8. shessowitte

    My broodies adopted 3 week old chicks!

    Ok I am bragging just a little (as though I had something to do with it) but my two white cochin broodies have successfully adopted 14 three-week old chicks! They’re now fully integrated into the full flock and doing well. Based on what I’ve read here, it seemed like a crap shoot, but hey why...
  9. HOTchick916

    chick vaccines

    I just rescued 4 feral chicks from their squalid living conditions in a ghetto neighborhood. They are the size of the 3 day old chicks I get from the local feed store, however they are starting to get feathers so I'm not sure how old they are. They are probably small for their age as they have...
  10. C

    Using Rooster Booster for Chick with Wry Neck

    Hello all, I have a chick, just about four days old, who appears to have a wry neck. Although its condition is opposite the normal description of wry neck (i.e., stargazing) because it's head/neck bends down. It often tucks its head under its body, starts walking backward and then flips over...
  11. BethyLeigh

    My hen is a molting hormonal nightmare

    My favorite hen, a Buff Orpington named 'Ms Marigold' went broody in late July. I gave her a set of day old (tractor supply) chicks to adopt August 21st and she's been a great mother - but of course very defensive of her babies. I noticed a couple weeks ago that she looked like she was molting...
  12. S

    Hello all!

    I'm new to this site, but not new to raising chickens. When my kids were younger, we raised chickens for 4H. Now that I'm an empty-nester, I've decided to fill it back up! I have 10 Orpington chicks, Lavender and Buff, 4 Australorp pullets, and either a Cuckoo Maran or a Barred Rock (who was...
  13. R

    First Timer Hatching eggs

    Hello, I am new to the chicken world as we got our first chicken a year ago. We have 6 hens and no roos. I have a broody hen and 'adopted' 5 fertilized eggs from a friend. I placed them under my broody hen and she has been diligently sitting on them. They are due to hatch on July 21st. I...
  14. A

    Chicks & Red Poop: should I be concerned??

    Hello BYC. So i have been raising 15 chicks for 2-3 weeks. I bought them from MyPetChicken.com and they have all been doing splendidly, with no deaths so far. I've been keeping them in a kennel/cage (perfectly sanitized new) with towels (changed every few days) pellets, medicated chick feed a...
  15. ChitownChick

    The Ultimate Brooder Design! BUILT-IN DUST FILTER

    I posted this in the coop design forum, but realized it may be more useful here. My husband and I are designers and fabricators, so we decided to take our brooder to the next level this year. It came out really well so I thought I'd share with you guys! We keep the chicks in a spare bedroom...
  16. ChitownChick

    The Ultimate Brooder Design! BUILT-IN DUST FILTER

    My husband and I are designers and fabricators, so we decided to take our brooder to the next level this year. It came out really well so I thought I'd share with you guys! We keep the chicks in a spare bedroom that I use as a dressing room/big closet. Last year I realized that the chicks...
  17. S

    First Time Ordering!

    So this is my first time ordering chicks. They will be shipping out the first week of June. It says that the shipping will take 5-8 days and I feel like that is just too long... I am ordering from Murray McMurray and I am in Florida. Are there any Floridians that have ordered from them...
  18. C

    Helping them get to know me - scent??

    I recently got some pullets (exciting right??) and unfortunately I feel like I’m missing out on them so much already To clarify, I got them on the 24th and the day I got them, I held them nonstop in their box which made them seem to love me But my schedule with work is having me work all through...
  19. jessjackjoey

    Building a Brooder out of a kids Wagon.

    Has anyone built a border out of a kids wagon?
  20. Raising Chicks -- All You Need To Know

    Raising Chicks -- All You Need To Know

    It's spring and chicken lovers everywhere are getting ready to raise new chicks, whether they're bought from stores or raised by a broody hen. It's a very wonderful, fun thing, and I'm getting "chicken fever" (as I call it) since soon I'll be getting a new flock of chicks. Whether you're new or...
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