1. L

    Homemade feed: what portion of each ingredient

    Ok, so I have found soooo many recipes online for home made chicken feed. I have quite a few ingredients but not all ingredients of each recipe I find. If there is anyone out there that can help me with how much of each of the following ingredients that would be awesome! Thanks in advance if...
  2. PNWhens

    Trim Fat for Roast?

    Hello! Preparing to butcher a chicken here in a few weeks and I would like to now if any of you trim the yellow fat deposits on your birds (if theres any) or just leave it for roasting. Also: I heard they taste better than store bought, and opinions?
  3. Frittata


  4. Smuvers Farm

    Official Squatch Watchers

    A SQUATCH WATCHER is a group of people who had been following a thread about a feral chicken, nicknamed a SQUATCH, after sasquatch, because the OP was the only person who had the *sightings* of the Squatch. So far, a roo has been discovered, but no hen. Although us Squatchers keep yapping in...
  5. FluffTheDuck

    Baked Lemon Chicken

    For this recipe, you’ll need boneless skinless chicken breasts. I brown the breasts before I put them in the oven, it takes a few extra minutes but I feel like the added flavor is so worth it. After the chicken is golden brown and crispy, it goes into a baking dish with some lemon juice...
  6. 3bird

    Duck Egg Recipes - Thinking Outside the Shell

    Our silver Appleyards are amazing, and we've had eggs straight through the winter--although not as many as we'll see in the summer, of course. With egg production ramping back up, we're dusting off our favorite duck egg dinner recipes. Last night we had one of our favorites: Duck Egg Curry...
  7. Jordan01

    Great treat recipe!

    Hi! I figured I'd share the recipe for my chickens favorite treats! I call them chicken cakes and they go crazy for them. They're really good for rewards when training, getting them used to your call, or just for happy chickens So I don't use exact measurements but the main base is flour and...
  8. HomesteaderWife

    Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

    I wanted to share a quick, simple recipe for hummingbird nectar before their migration comes later in the year (about August through October). If your home is anything like ours, you may already have a few making their residence and flying around. Rubythroats are our main hummingbirds here, and...
  9. Farmer Connie

    SPRING CHICKEN Contest Series Extravaganza!

    A Cooking/Recipe/Craft/Talent Multi-Contest Event. This List of Mini-Contests will continue to Grow! FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY COOKING-BAKING-RECIPE MINI-CONTEST #1 ENDED DRESS UP YOUR CHICKEN! MINI-CONTEST #2. ENDED MAKE A CAKE MINI-CONTEST #3 ENDED...
  10. Functional Rustic

    Cooking Bronze Turkey Eggs

    My bronze turkey, Gladys, is laying eggs now. So cool. The first few were twin yolks. I'm noticing that the yolk is much thicker than a chicken egg. How will my dishes change when I use Turkey egg instead of Chicken egg? Do you have any Turkey Egg specific recipes? Any tips for breaking the...
  11. Custard

  12. Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken

    Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken

    The reason to get a pressure cooker is to cook tough meat, and your rooster fits the description! Here are the pages of my recipe book relating to pressure fried chicken: I did the last page sideways to try to get more into the scan, it looks funny but I think you can print it better. There...
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