red sex hens

  1. kip5254

    Who Laid This Egg?

    Hi everyone! So I have a mixed flock of 2 red sex link hens (about 4 years old), a 6 month old Ameracauna rooster, and a 6 month old Welsummer hen. My rooster's comb and wattle are very bright red and though he hasn't been crowing, he's definitely started to assert his dominance (at least over...
  2. T

    Vote for the best HYBRID layer!!!

    Please, vote for the most balanced, profitable and sustainable HYBRID layer for a homestead.
  3. Liz Birdlover

    Red Stars - Egg Peritonitis & Shorter Life Span?

    I was given 2 Red Star pullets about 4 years ago. So I had also just gotten 2 other youngsters, 1 Barred Rock Rooster, 1 Barred Rock Hen and the 2 "Redheads" I named Ginger & Lucy. All 4 were pretty close in age, they got along well and my handsome Roo was such a gentleman, always giving the...
  4. NikolasGuy1234

    How do i sex red stars?

    i have 4 red star chicks. i dont have pictures right now but i have a pic that looks just like them on google. anyways, they are sex links, so im supposed to be able to tell, right? are they all hens, or all roo's?(god forbid) or do they have differences i dont see? i know what the adults look...
  5. grintschik

    Young Golden Comets Laying Eggs

    Hey guys! I have 4 golden comets, two OEG silver duckwing bantams, and two barred rocks, one of which is a rooster. So, the bantams and goldens are a couple weeks older than the barred rock, they hatched on March 9th. At least two of them are laying already, as well as my bantam is starting to...
  6. Brollywood Farm

    Brollywood Farm in the house!

    My husband and I just got chickens this week- 4 red sex links. We bought a coop online which we have moved into our small garden and will section off an area just for them. We plan to build one before winter that will be better in the cold weather. Once that is made, we will get some bantams...
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