red sex link

  1. RooandherRooster

    Two of my hens keep shaking their heads, what is this a sign of?

    Hey everyone One of my hens just got over from being egg bound, she had everything she needed but we figure its because she is getting old. The other one was egg bound about a month ago too. They are both about 3 going on 4, and Red Sex-Links. Both were fine until today. I was keeping an extra...
  2. LunaMarieWolf

    If hens 'drop' for me. Does that mean they are still laying?

    I have a few hens I bought a while back. They seem to be liking their new home. But I'm not so sure if they are laying. They could be laying their eggs anywhere around the yard, but I've found none so far. But every time I walk up to them they "drop" for me like I am a Rooster. The...
  3. Kluggie

    What breed/s and gender are these two?

    Hi all Recently we got a couple of chicks from a hatching program run out of my son's kindergarten. We have had them for about 2 months now and they are starting to get a bit bigger. I was hoping for some advice on what breed and if they are hens or roos. The website from the organisation that...
  4. KikiDeAnime

    Chicken eggs for sale (For eating!)

    We're getting more eggs than we can eat up within the week. I'm going to sell some so they don't go to waste. MUST pick up! $4/Dozen +$2 for any egg added onto the order. Here's a picture of the eggs we collected from our hens All eggs pictured above are from this week. Anyone who buys...
  5. JarvisChickens

    How much feed to Red Sex Link hens eat?

    I recently ordered 50 red sex link hens. I'm trying to find out how much money I will be spending a week on feed for them. I plan on free-feeding them with rolling acres layer feed, they will have a 16x8 coop and a 24x8 run with dirt and wood chips. If someone knows how much feed one hen will...
  6. ChickenLove1113

    Lost a sweet girl today, completely unexpected

    I have used BYC for almost a year now to find some of the most useful info when it comes to caring for my hens. This is my very first post, and unfortunately, it’s one that comes with some heartache. I have a small little backyard flock - three sweet Red Sex Link hens. They are 9 months old, and...
  7. DeanJ1

    Looking for Speckled Sussex x Salmon Faverolle SEX-LINK Info. (Pics?)

    Deciding whether to experiment with Speckled Sussex Rooster w. Salmon Faverolle Hens to create Red Sex Links but I can't find any info from anyone who has done it, nor have I found any pictures. Thanks in advance for any info!
  8. Liz Birdlover

    Red Stars - Egg Peritonitis & Shorter Life Span?

    I was given 2 Red Star pullets about 4 years ago. So I had also just gotten 2 other youngsters, 1 Barred Rock Rooster, 1 Barred Rock Hen and the 2 "Redheads" I named Ginger & Lucy. All 4 were pretty close in age, they got along well and my handsome Roo was such a gentleman, always giving the...
  9. cholling11

    Sort of new to backyard chickens

    I grew up with backyard, free range chickens as a child. As an adult I have wanted them forever, and have missed those wonderful, real, fresh eggs., I finally have 4 red sex linked pullets. They are about 19 weeks old and I am anxiously awaiting the day I walk out and find that first egg!
  10. BrandonMcfly

    My chickens comb is floppy is she sick?

    Hello I have two red sex links I got them both as chicks at the same they said they were about 2 weeks so if that's true by now they are 5 months 2 weeks old. One is already laying eggs Kurt she has a big red comb the other Dylan has yet to lay she has a tiny comb light pink but my Kurt's comb...
  11. BrandonMcfly

    Sexed chicks? & red sex link compatibility

    Hello I have to red sex link girls & i was thinking of adding a 3rd girl so I was wondering are there any type of other breed that can be easily sexed when chicks ? Also what kind of breeds of chicken would get along with the red sex links I have read people say they are an aggressive breed...
  12. BrandonMcfly

    My red sex links first egg!

    My red sex link chicken Kurt just layed her first egg ever! I'm so proud of her & my other chicken Dylan is kinda maturing slowly but she's next :) but I'm curious if the eggs are fine or if she's missing some nutrients or anything the egg is brown with white speckled everywhere it's small but I...
  13. reddpepper86

    RSL burying fake egg?

    Hi everyone! So earlier this week my 21 week old RSL has been squatting. Her comb/wattles have become much more red and her pelvic bones are about 2½ finger widths apart. I put a fake egg in one of their nesting boxes and she has been "rearranging" I guess you could say, ever since. Moving...
  14. R

    Red sex linked chickens

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting some chickens (red sex links) 3, but do they need to be with a male? Thanks
  15. T

    Is it normal for a hen to have spurs?

    Is it normal for a hen to have spurs on her legs?
  16. T


    rooster X his mother rooster X his daughter rooster X his sister rooster X his cousin (a grade) Which combinations give a healthy offspring? Which a not healthy?
  17. T

    Gold Partridge Dutch Bantam

    Can anyone give me some fertilized eggs of gold partridge dutch bantam? I live in Greece. I will pay the postal.
  18. T

    Gold Partridge Dutch Bantam

    Can anyone give me some fertilized eggs of gold partridge dutch bantam? I live in Greece. I will pay the postal.
  19. T

    color sex link OLIVE EGGER hybrids (olivians)

    Which do you think is the best way to create: a) a red sex link OLIVE EGGER hybrid (group 1 type, I don't care if the tail of the final hybrid will be white or black)? b) a black sex link OLIVE EGGER hybrid (group 4 type)? c) a black sex link OLIVE EGGER hybrid (group 5 type)? In every...
  20. BrandonMcfly

    Chickens eating feathers

    Hi I have two pet red sex link girl chickens Dylan & Kurt they are about 3 months old & just this week I noticed one of them ate a feather . They aren't pecking each other at all they get along real well & they aren't pecking feathers off its like when they lose feathers naturally & notice it on...