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  1. zoe1103

    Zoe1103 introduction!

    Hi, I’m Zoe. Hopefully I’m doing this right it was a bit confusing! I have 4 welsummer pullets, almost 26 weeks now. They’re still not laying, but I have a feeling one is closing in maybe. We also have a cuckoo maran and a red sex link (both hens). They’re in a 64 sq ft coop and run, attached by...
  2. Teriyaki keeping watch

    Teriyaki keeping watch

    I found Teriyaki standing in the front of the coop, keeping watch, while Original Recipe was in her nest!
  3. Teriyaki in her nest

    Teriyaki in her nest

  4. Teriyaki - red carpet ready!

    Teriyaki - red carpet ready!

    Just checking herself out in the mirror, in her perfect, beautiful "dress"
  5. Meet Teriyaki chicken!

    Meet Teriyaki chicken!

    Name: Teriyaki - RIP Nov. 6, 2020 Breed: Red sex link Became a Chickadee on April 18, 2020 First egg: approx. late April Egg: brown Coloring: white/brown feathers! *High egg production & doesn't live pass 2-3
  6. L

    Lavender Orpington Rooster X Red Sex Link Hen... What will my babies look like??

    Hey guys, first day as a real member of the BYC community, been a lurker for years. Joined literally just to ask this question. lol. Attaching pics of the rooster and hens. The only Lavender hen isn't laying quite yet, so all the babies will be a crossbreed. Has anyone done this particular cross...
  7. Hy-Line Layers

    Hy-Line Layers

    Hy-Line International is a world leader in poultry layer genetics with a rich history of innovation. Founded in 1936, by Henry A. Wallace, Hy-Line was the first poultry breeding company to apply the principles of hybridization to commercial layer breeding. Today, it is not only the world's...
  8. NeedsMoreChickens

    Red Sex Link/White Leghorn Cross

    What color eggs might the offspring of a rsl hen and a white leghorn rooster lay? Would the eggs definitely be lighter than the eggs laid by the rsl hen?
  9. M

    First time adding new hens and a Roo

    I acquired 4 hens a few months ago and they are a few years old. They are fairly large red sex links. Today I added 3 new 1 year old chickens. 1 roo and 2 hens. They are bantam Cochins. One of my rsl is really aggressive and is fighting the roo kind of aggressively it seems. Tonight I went to...
  10. EasterEggerFlocks

    Golden Comet's face is red at 11 weeks

    Both of my Golden comet's faces are starting to get red. (Golden Comet's also go by the name of Cinnamon Queen, Gold Star, and Red Sex Link to name a few.) They're both very friendly, although one (Her Name is Daffodil) Is significantly bigger than the other. She has the redder face, her face is...
  11. DimeStoreFarmGirl

    Weird Hens

    Hi! New here! I currently own 4 EE's and 2 red sex links. My EE's are a blast and are pretty regular layers, only about 8 months old. However, about a week ago I got 13 month old red sex links. The guy I bought them from was real weird, he bought about 400 hens from some egg producers in South...
  12. Flaisure


    Do you have a novogen? I was curious if you could post pictures. I just got one and it’s between 8-10 weeks old. It looks like a pullet but it has pointy tail feathers. I’m curious what your pullets and Roos look like. If you have any thoughts on mine please help lol.
  13. micahdanielr

    Red sex-links and black sex-links?

    Does anybody know if red sex-links and black sex-links lay the same large brown eggs? Or do they lay differently? The hatchery with the red sex links are all sold out but they have the black ones so I am just wondering if they are the same?
  14. DontChickenOut14

    I'm getting five new female chicks! Does anyone here have any advice on raising chicks/chickens in a city neighborhood?

    I am getting 5 new female chicks, hopefully Red Sex Links, and although I have raised chicks before, does anyone have any advice on raising chickens in an urban neighborhood? I have a sizeable backyard, but I am also surrounded by other houses. Any advice is appreciated!
  15. RooandherRooster

    Two of my hens keep shaking their heads, what is this a sign of?

    Hey everyone One of my hens just got over from being egg bound, she had everything she needed but we figure its because she is getting old. The other one was egg bound about a month ago too. They are both about 3 going on 4, and Red Sex-Links. Both were fine until today. I was keeping an extra...
  16. LunaMarieWolf

    If hens 'drop' for me. Does that mean they are still laying?

    I have a few hens I bought a while back. They seem to be liking their new home. But I'm not so sure if they are laying. They could be laying their eggs anywhere around the yard, but I've found none so far. But every time I walk up to them they "drop" for me like I am a Rooster. The...
  17. Kluggie

    What breed/s and gender are these two?

    Hi all Recently we got a couple of chicks from a hatching program run out of my son's kindergarten. We have had them for about 2 months now and they are starting to get a bit bigger. I was hoping for some advice on what breed and if they are hens or roos. The website from the organisation that...
  18. KikiDeAnime

    Chicken eggs for sale (For eating!)

    We're getting more eggs than we can eat up within the week. I'm going to sell some so they don't go to waste. MUST pick up! $4/Dozen +$2 for any egg added onto the order. Here's a picture of the eggs we collected from our hens All eggs pictured above are from this week. Anyone who buys...
  19. JarvisChickens

    How much feed to Red Sex Link hens eat?

    I recently ordered 50 red sex link hens. I'm trying to find out how much money I will be spending a week on feed for them. I plan on free-feeding them with rolling acres layer feed, they will have a 16x8 coop and a 24x8 run with dirt and wood chips. If someone knows how much feed one hen will...
  20. ChickenLove1113

    Lost a sweet girl today, completely unexpected

    I have used BYC for almost a year now to find some of the most useful info when it comes to caring for my hens. This is my very first post, and unfortunately, it’s one that comes with some heartache. I have a small little backyard flock - three sweet Red Sex Link hens. They are 9 months old, and...
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