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  1. H

    How Humane Are No-Crow Rooster Collars?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a local rescue. He’s an absolute sweetheart, very nice and not aggressive. But he crows, without fail, at the crack of dawn every morning. He’s fairly quiet the rest of the day though. We’ve been looking in...
  2. Y

    Advice urgent rescued chicken

    Please can you help? We have 3 hybrid ladies so someone decided that when they found a chicken running round a field i was the person to take it. This chicken is a fair bit smaller than our girls but looks full grown, bedraggled, and ?pure breed? She is currently in our double shower with food...
  3. Jackjackandbernice

    Gender on Easter Eggers(?) And Guineas Pic heavy

    Posting again with the other 4 rescue birds. All birds are continuing to thrive/ put on weight even in their temporary accommodations. So these are the next 4 that I'm curious about. As a reminder we rescued 8 birds, and the first four were deemed a silkie, wellsummer, red star, and white rock...
  4. L1015

    Battery Hens near Cincinnati

    Hi there, I am wondering if there are any local rescues/farms that adopt out rescued battery caged hens? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Kgroot

    Rescue chicken help

    I'm new to chickens and thankfully until today have never had a problem with accquiring a sick chicken. We rescued a roo and a pullet from a hoarder who had over 200 chickens in a small coop. He looks pretty good a little bit of a sneeze but bright eyed and pretty happy. She's in pretty rough...
  6. Wolfgang B.

    Rescue chickens right where I live ❤

    On our regular walk we discovered a run with 20 pretty plucked and poor looking chickens. I knew instantly those are rescues from the egg industry. That was later confirmed by their new owner. How wonderful! After we had to give up our own chickens due to our move this is making me very happy...
  7. E.D.GardenFarm

    Wart like things on chickens comb, Pictures provided.

    Saw this on the chickens comb today and not sure what to think about it, she's one of a batch of rescue ex-caged hens so condition is not brilliant but we would like to make sure no one gets any worse. She's about 15 months old and we've had her for almost 3 weeks. There is a bit of dried blood...
  8. FairyFowl

    UPDATED / Resolved - Egg bound confirmed but on internal exam has skin in the way

    UPDATE - good news, went to lift her to give calcium tablets and egg has been laid. Gave calcium anyway. She is now standing and eating! Phew Hi, I have an ex battery hen. Had her for 5 days. She is one of six. I'm not sure if she has ever laid while she's been with me but she is definitely...
  9. annaBsChick

    Adopting Chickens from Animal Shelters

    Hey did you guys know that there is a website (Adopt a Bird Network) you can go to which provides listings for the different chickens and ducks who are in animal shelters around the US? They also do daily posts in their Instagram and Facebook about them too. It is worth checking out---an...
  10. Taunya

    I rescued a tame chicken and now I'm a chicken owner

    Hi there, I'm Taunya and I rescued a young hen near a Los Angeles freeway entrance... she was so tame she came up to me for help so... now I have a chicken. I'd like to do my best by Rosy and I hear you all are pretty amazing so here I am.
  11. PaigeAndy'schickens

    Indoor chicken coop

    Hello, we recently came upon a young hen that needed rescue. She was found in a snow bank in a driveway all by herself. (possibly dropped by a hawk) Regardless, my fiance and I had chickens before and decided to take care of her. We plan to get a new set of baby chicks in the spring anyway. We...
  12. brooke kent

    I’m a new chicken mom

    Hello! Two months ago an injured scraggly bird wandered into our backyard and claimed our garage as a new Home. We built her a coop and run, and I’ve been learning as much as I can to give her a happy and healthy life. My husband and I have a family of rescued animals- two rowdy shep mix dogs...
  13. ChickenNamedTaterTot


    A neighbor has hens and a couple os roosters. She just didn't want them anymore and so i took them. This rooster is now named Jamison Fawkes and he was attacked by an animal while living with his previous owner. She did a good job keepin infection at bay but his leg keeps bending at the joint...
  14. Pearlmybirb

    I have an anti social

    This is my first day on here and its already been super helpful. But i seem to need more help haha. My bird is quite antisocial as i would call it. In her first home, her owners gave her to my neighbor because she was causing problems with other chickens. In my neighbors home she was always...
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