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  1. R

    Respiratory infection or something else??

    Last night (about 9 pm) when locking up my birds I noticed one Hen (golden comet) was laboring to breathe and had a little bit of a rattle. She had no discharge from her eyes or nose, no swelling anywhere, her wattles and combs looked nice and red. She coughed one good time and the rattle...
  2. M

    Rattling when breathing... sometimes

    Hello! Pretty new to chickens. We got 3 pullets back in early January when they were about 5 weeks old. We immediately lost one due to respiratory illness (they all apparently came to us sick). We got another one and ended up treating all 3 for respiratory disease. they have since seemed to...
  3. Awooten

    Respiratory Treatment for 8.5 lb. Rooster

    I have a 5 year old, 8.5 lb. Ameraucana rooster named Truman who came down with a respiratory infection yesterday. He is wheezing and has labored breathing. Eyes appear clear and I see no discharges. His appetite seems good and energy level is about the same. He's my favorite chicken...
  4. K

    Hen suddenly has a deep voice?

    Hello my 1 year old hen has suddenly recently got a hoarser deeper voice than usual. She is eating and drinking normally and is digging around normally too. I did feed them fish skin today but I’m wondering if she swallowed it whole to stop the others getting to it. If it is the fish skin, will...
  5. C

    My Hen is Wheezing and Sneezing after laying first egg

    My hen laid her first eg about 4 hours ago and now she is making a loud wheezing sound and sneezes occasionally. Is this some sort of fungal or bacterial infection, or is this shock from laying her first egg? If it is an infection, what treatments can I use for her? I am in a cold and moist area.
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