respiratory infection in chickens

  1. R

    Respiratory infection or something else??

    Last night (about 9 pm) when locking up my birds I noticed one Hen (golden comet) was laboring to breathe and had a little bit of a rattle. She had no discharge from her eyes or nose, no swelling anywhere, her wattles and combs looked nice and red. She coughed one good time and the rattle...
  2. Karridoll

    8 week EE bubbly eye no other symptoms

    I have an 8 almost 9 week EE pullet that has had a bubbly Eye since about two weeks old. We separated her immediately and started anabiotic‘s in her water. We have also tried vet RX and an anabiotic ointment for her eye. We ran the anabiotics approximately three weeks and nothing has helped...
  3. Nicole Zimmerman

    Chicken breathing funny And prolapse

    PLEASE HELP! My chicken is breathing funny and not eating or drinking hardly anything any idea on what it is and how to cure? I also was dealing with her prolapse the past few days with little blood I’m guessing to the breathing issue causing pressure on her bottom. See this video for visual
  4. Infectious Coryza

    Infectious Coryza

    Written by: Dr. Jacquie Jacob, University of Kentucky Infectious coryza, which is also referred to as a cold or roup, is caused by the bacterium Haemophilus paragallinarum. This disease primarily affects chickens, but quail and pheasants may also be affected. Coryza is primarily transmitted by...
  5. Saaniya

    Just to share with u all..

    Hey Guys This is my continued post from my last one .. As it was My 4 month old Leghorn Rooster suddenly got some symptoms like "Cold Feet's" & Sleeping Thenafter I Found That when he is breathing i can hear a sound , few sneeze so ..Just To Be On Safe Side I Consult Vet And After The...
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