respiratory problem

  1. R

    Respiratory infection or something else??

    Last night (about 9 pm) when locking up my birds I noticed one Hen (golden comet) was laboring to breathe and had a little bit of a rattle. She had no discharge from her eyes or nose, no swelling anywhere, her wattles and combs looked nice and red. She coughed one good time and the rattle...
  2. emmsx3

    Baby Chicks Sneezing While Eating

    I have 3 one week old baby chicks and I noticed when they eat their starter crumbles, they sneeze. Usually they don't like to eat the large pieces so I break them a little or wet the feed just to make it easier for them. Cause if they are large dry pieces they don't eat it as much. I have VetRx...
  3. E

    Urgent please help my Chick

    Please help my chick 5 weeks old RIR chick. Thanks Elvis.
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