1. chickmamat

    EXTREME Labored Breathing! LOUD!

    Please help me!! 2 yo hen, mixed breed. Notice this morning she sounded like she was chatting a lot. It was very low, typical happy chicken mumbling. Then I noticed it was steady, there were no breaks, and I realized it was the sound of her breathing. She appears to be eating fine, acting...
  2. C

    Does my frizzle have a cold?

    I feel like something is wrong with this 4 week old bantam frizzle I just got. I know literally nothing about chickens really so I have nothing to judge it on but she seems to be breathing audibly while the others are not. She’s also doing what sounds to me like sneezing, but I couldn’t get it...
  3. eclectic-em

    chicken breathing like she’s purring

    this is a leghorn mix who looks like a chimney sweep because of vaseline i put on her comb when we had some sub zero temps over the weekend. i don’t know if it’s the weather or some other respiratory issue. she sneezed a couple times this morning which is why i grabbed her for a health check and...
  4. R

    Facial swelling due to colds accumulation -- chinese silkie

    Hi, I got four chinese silkies, but when they arrived they got colds. (Maybe due to the fact it was transported by a truck and heavy wind blowing) The male is the one with more symptoms as one side of its nasal sinus become swollen. Tried pressing thinking the accumulations will exit nasal...
  5. Kirmi8

    Bantam sneezes

    So we’ve been having incredibly mild weather for this time of year and freezing and thawing continuously so my coop has been a mess. I was hoping to wait until we froze for good to do a deep clean and have it good for winter, but alas I ended up just cleaning it a couple days ago. For the last...
  6. krissyweso

    Mycoplasma Home Remedies

    Hi. I think my year and a half old silkie hen has mycoplasma, but no very can see her for 48 hours. Any advice for how to help her from home until I can get her antibiotics? She was broody for the last few days, then, yesterday (Friday) morning, when I picked her up so that she would get food...
  7. Goosebaby

    Oxine antifungal information

    I don’t like just taking someone’s word for something, it’s caused problems for me in the past and let’s be honest, a lot of people spread bs around without realizing it’s bs, like the medicated feed toxic to waterfowl myth for example. So I was curious about Oxine’s supposedly curing birds of...
  8. A

    Sick chookie, possible respiratory illness?

    I've had my first 'flock' of two bantam chickens for about 4 months now, and they'd be about 8 months old - so I'm still very much a newbie. One of them starting looking a bit lethargic four days ago, and hadn't laid an egg in about 4 days before that (they usually lay every other day), with no...
  9. jBabychickn

    Resp.Symptoms/Plz Check my Treatment Plan

    Hi there; Newbie here!! I’m dealing with a 18wk old Jubilee Orpington cockerel with Raspy breathing sounds, otherwise eating and drinking normally as far as I can tell. He’s acting his normal self from what I can tell as well. — I spend 2-3hrs with my Babies daily. We are a small Flock of #10...
  10. Adil_Ali

    HELP! Respiratory illness

    Hey there, about 4-5 days ago one of my hens got really weak and sick, however it showed no sign of respiratory illness. I dewormed the entire flock, and gave all of them a easy-going basic antibiotic. The course for the antibiotic is over. However my rooster develop respiratory illness. He...
  11. Sgalli

    Sick serama?!?! Advice please!!

    Hello all, went to check the birds this morning and my poor little serama slowly walked up to me this morning. She looked cold and pathetic. Shivering. Over all lethargic. She feels a bit lighter than normal. Her comb and wattles are red still. I brought her inside to warm up on the heating...
  12. R

    3-4months old rhode island red raspy voice

    Hi, Please help, i have her with her brother since last month. They came with nasal discharge and dyspnea, but i was able to treat them with Premoxil day 1-3 and Ambroxitil day 4-6. However, last week the female rhode island red had a change in voice, it sounded raspy/phlegmish/blocked/mucoid...
  13. TundraFang

    Silkie chick with labored breathing

    I have five Silkie chicks in a brooder. The bedding is pine shavings and they have a heat plate with easy access to food and water. I was outside doing chicken chores and came inside to one of the chicks lying down beside the heat plate panting. The other chicks are fine and moving around. I...
  14. Kariann

    Ming Ming is sick and I need help, please!

    Yesterday evening, I noticed that Ming (23 weeks old, Sapphire Gem) was wheezing. I listened to her chest and could not heat any rattling or wheezing (so the wheeze was in her throat, not her lungs, I gusss?). There was no drainage in her eyes or nostrils. I isolated her from the flock and...
  15. CayugaMama

    Respiratory Illness? Serious?

    My 1-year-old Silkie Hen has had a swollen face the past few days. I just thought the mosquitos had gotten her, but I noticed today that she has thick white mucus in one of her eyes. And ideas as to what this could be? Should I separate her? Is it serious?
  16. B

    rooster falls over

    Our adult Silkie rooster hasn't been able to make a sound for a couple weeks. We've had him for about 6 months but I'm not sure how old he is. I now can't tell if he's trying really hard or maybe having a hard time breathing? He falls over and lays down, appearing to struggle breathing, for a...
  17. H

    Respiratory help

    It appears I have something respiratory going through my flock. I’ve lost 3 and have a 4th one fighting now. I got some VetRX and am using it but an worried it isn’t helping the one. Wondering if it is protecting the others. Any help is appreciated. I love my hens.
  18. F

    my rooster tongue is attached to his down/lower area of his beak, hes also been acting weak from 2 days, please help.

    so around 27 days ago, i noticed he was yawning a lot and a bit of head shaking, i searched and i found out that he shares symptoms of either gapeworm, respiratory disease or ear infection, he didn't seem to share much symptom of either of those at the time, he was yawning a lot, sometime...
  19. S

    Mouth breathing chicken not heat related

    Hi all, I have a one year hen who has been mouth breathing constantly. At first we thought it was heat related but she mouth breaths all day and night and the weather has been in the 70s. Her comb is maybe slightly paler than normal but she has been eating, drinking, sleeping, laying eggs and...
  20. Goosebaby

    Mycoplasma in Geese

    There isn’t a lot of information out there about mycoplasma, or chronic respiratory disease in geese and ducks other than vague descriptions that are often copy pasted from few sources, so I thought I’d post a useful article I found about it...
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