rhode island red bantam

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    Limping chicken/odd Looking

    Hello- New to the show world! We have a Rhode Island Red Young hen. She started limping on one leg this week and now on both. She’s wanting to curl her toes. She can gobble around, we notice she has extremely long nails and an odd looking beak.. I’m attaching pics of all. Do you cut this nails...
  2. CacklingRanch

    Cackling Ranch: Hatching Eggs Thread

    Current eggs available are out of my 2018** pullets: Older hens have stopped for the season.** Flock is PT/AI clean - NPIP has been sent off and is pending. Accidentally let it lapse. Fertility is guaranteed. Hatching is not. Once the eggs leave my property it is up to the post office to get...
  3. CacklingRanch

    Fun fall photoshoots!

    Here's a few from one of mine, show me yours!
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