rhode island red

  1. eip9549

    5 laying hens free to good home- central NJ, will travel to deliver

    We have come to the difficult decision to rehome our 5 hens. The predators in our neighborhood have skyrocketed and we really want them to have a better chance at living out the rest of their days. I just chased away a fox (middle of the day)and hate having to keep them cooped up, they deserve...
  2. Q

    5 or 6 Roosters FREE to good home!

    They are a mix of rhode island and golden sex link. May have a black sex link. We are keeping two, but can't have them all. I am located in Groesbeck, Texas. Please help us! LOL. Reply for pick up information and phone number if interested. I can send pictures. My hens are tired of being jumped...
  3. Mark_Khrushchev

    Rhode Island Red chicken

    Shot on Canon M50 with kit lens. I converted RAW to JPG so it is lower quality
  4. Derek Kwas

    Rhode Island Red White Tips

    Hello, as the title says, I have noticed 1 of our 4 chickens (Rhode Island Red, All Born 3/30/17) has white tips on her feathers at the top of her head and has some baby feathers loose as shown in the pictures. I feel this may be molting due to age and we haven't seen her go through it but the...
  5. ChickChic00

    Price Mix Breed Chickens

    Anyone know how much I could sell 1 and a half month old Rhode Island Red, and Black Australorp Cross Roosters? I've been breeding the rir and ba for a bit and needing to make money as well. Winter is so hard. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  6. A

    Naked neck/turken and Rhode Island Red gender

    Can anyone please help me determine the sex of these 3 chicks? I was sold them as pullets but I’m uncertain. Thank you!
  7. Chickmamaa209

    What breed are my 6 week old chicks ( Rhode island red, new Hampshire or other ??

    Only Wondering about the red and yellow chicks in the picture the other ones are most likely Easter eggers ( was told Americaunas but doubt it ) but I was told the yellow one is a new hamshire but shes looking a little too yellow or will she become more red as the time goes by. The red one I was...
  8. Rredhome88

    Lovely 4 yr old Rhode Island Red in Tampa

    Sadly we are moving out of state rather unexpectedly for my husband’s job and the new location doesn’t allow our beautiful Rhode Island Red girl, Frida. She was hatched in March 2015. She was raised with her five sisters and is the last remaining member of the flock. She is healthy and never...
  9. TrentT

    Who's the mom?

    I just had several chicks hatch. Father is a purebred Welsummer. Potential mothers include golden campine, silver campine, and silver leghorn. The chick on the right in the first pic was mothered by a RIR, but the black one and the chick in the second pic could be from any of the hens listed...
  10. Paulownia

    Rhode Island Red laid a white egg?

    Our RIR chickens are 15 months old and one of them laid a white egg today. Has this happened to anyone else? I read it could be because of molting but I also read that molting doesn't usually start until 18 months. Would love some insight from anyone knowledgeable in this. :-) thank you!
  11. TurtletheCoturnix

    Air sac disease

    Hi everyone! I have a 5 and a half yr-old hen that has on and off gape worm symptoms, swollen sinuses, gout, and who knows what else. These started from the age of 3 or 4. She stopped laying when she was 3. She has all of these problems, yet she's still alive, which is quite a miracle. I give...
  12. Heymrkrabs

    What breed are these?

    I was originally told that these hens were cinnamon queens (RIR x RIW), but now looking at other pics of cinnamon queens, they don't look the same as others. They are just over a year old and lay eggs almost daily.
  13. kimbroad

    3 week old rhode island reds

    Hi everyone, I am new to raising chickens and have had my 3 rhode island red girls in the brooder for just over 3 weeks. I've just got their coop and set it up in the garage which is currently at a temp of around 18c/65f. I have set them up with a heat lamp hanging from the ceiling and hot...
  14. Chickmamaa209

    NEW to the chicken world. What do you think about my of chicks?

    Hello fellow chicken owners. My mom recently gave me permission to have chickens and ready starting this amazing journey I'm planning on converting a shed into a coop & adding a large steeling wire dog kennel as a chicken run. I have been doing tons and tons of research and have learned a lot...
  15. jbean0713

    Ascites- draining issues

    Hello Everyone! I have a hen with Ascites, she has had it for over a year now. Every few months my husband and I are able to drain the new fluid buildup and she is good is good for a while. It came time for us to do our most recent drain and this time the fluid in her belly is much thicker and...
  16. PNWhens

    Raising Hens in the Pacific North Westss

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? - Got my first ever chicks around 6 weeks ago. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? - 4 Rhode Island Reds (3) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard chickens? - Its relaxing and nice to have a little slice of...
  17. dirkapitation

    broody hennifer that i forced out of the hen house in hopes that she will eat

    this was taken a few months ago shes doing fine now
  18. J

    URGENT- Hen is lethargic with pale comb and can’t stand!!!

    i need help!!!! I have 2 free roaming chickens that live together which are about 2.5-3 years old. They are Rhode Island Reds. Part of the backyard is near a wooded area/forest. The smaller of the sisters all of a sudden started staying in her coop and will not eat or stand! She seems very weak...
  19. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Poopy butt on our hen!

    Our sweet little hen, Rebecca, has had poopy butt for a while, I didn’t think much of it until i watched her poop (I know that sounds odd, but, you know..) she has so much poop on her butt that you can’t even see! We tried cleaning it with a toothbrush once, but it came right back. Not sure what...
  20. Canadian Chickens

    Bully Central

    Hello, Very new to the chicken world. We started with 9 Rhode Island Reds. Unfortunately, lost one to a hawk in the spring. Now 8 remain. There must be bullying in our coop, but cannot find the culprits! Some look pretty rough with missing feathers and most have their tails snipped short. We...
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