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  1. A

    Lethargy, diarrhoea and change in eyes?

    Hi there! Fairly new to the forum, wishing this wasn’t the topic of my first post but here we are. Hillary, one of my lovely Australorp x Rhode Island Reds (18mo-ish) collapsed this morning when she was let out of the coop - I was unable to get a photo as she got up shortly after (and then...
  2. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Fairy Egg & Other Quirks: Should I be Concerned?

    I recently posted about my RIR Willow, who is ~ 4.5 years old. Last week, she started a habit of plucking my molting hen's blood feathers on her vent, so I had to keep her in a separation pen (still in the main run--big enough for a dust bath area, food, water, and a perch). Around that time I...
  3. C

    Rhode Island Red - Strange eyes

    Hi All, Would appreciate some knowledge here, particularly if anyone else has Rhode Island Reds. We're in the UK. Ive attached some photos of our 6 month hen. We got her at 3 months and she was sneezing occasionally. There were also some bubbles in her eyes. Spoke to farmer we got her from, he...
  4. R

    Curious of genders for three 5-6 week Rhode Island Reds

    I recently aqcuired three chicks from a person from work (yesterday, actually.) They got them from a farm supply store (which sourced them from 'Hoover's Hatchery'), and didn't buy them as straight-run or all females, they just picked out the individuals they wanted and the worker grabbed them...
  5. J

    Weird egg laid this morning

    Found this egg this morning thats lighter than usual and has weird circular indentation on it. Whats wrong with the egg/hen that laid it?
  6. layayayle

    Is this cypress bark making our hens sick?? 1 hen with respiratory illness, 1 hen vomiting (maybe from the heat wave?)

    On 6/25, we added this cypress bark mulch blend to our chicken's run. It seemed like a great choice, but with the issues our flock has experienced shortly after adding it, I'm worried that the "blend" part may have something bad in it. On 6/27, I checked on the hens to find Beaux (Ameraucana)...
  7. D

    Washington County Maryland - Rhode Island Red rooster in need of new home

    Hi! We bought chicks that were supposed to be hens and ended up with a rooster. Bought as chicks February 24th, so he is over 16 weeks. Free and looking for a new home
  8. Izzy


    Rhode Island Red. The last to lay her eggs, she had been developing a quiet, protective disposition. Not outgoing but able to be dominated and picked up to be looked after. She endured grandchildren well. Told the dogs what for.
  9. K

    4 week old chicks

    I know it’s early but I like to keep guessing We have chickens already but got them as laying hens. So this is our first time with chicks. We have 6. They were sexed with 90% accuracy so I am always expecting at least 1 to be a roo. I have 2 that I am suspicious of Rhode Island Red Buff orpington
  10. E

    Anyone have hatching eggs?

    Hey everyone! I used to be a big fan of this thread when I had chickens years ago. It’s been a busy few years which resulted in me selling everything I had. Well, I’m back in the feather business I guess you would say. Anyways, it’s good to be back with fellow chicken members again. I just...
  11. bikosblackmeat

    Less than month old Rhode Island Red and Black Australorp

    Hello folks, can you help me confirm their genders. Although I feel that they are both males, it is nice to have others' opinion. They are both less than 1 month, rhode island red and black australorp.
  12. F

    Hen or Rooster?

    Got 5 straight run RIR chicks! They are about 5 almost 6 weeks old. Wanted to see if anyone could help me figure out which ones are male vs female. They have colored bands on their legs and one has no band. So far I believe purple is a rooster and green is a hen. Thanks!
  13. Nicci0110

    What Kind of Chicken is Geraldine?

    I I got her and 5 other chickens from a friend. She said they were all Rhode Island Reds. I am finding out RIR usually have orange legs/feet. Geraldine and 2 of her sisters do not. Their feet are yellow with black. I am curious if there is a way to know what she may be mixed with? She is a...
  14. L

    Sex-link breeding questions

    We are trying to get our next gen of layer hens so in addition to buying chicks we are trying to hatch some from our own. We do this all the time and will be fine with whatever mutts they turn out to be but I’m confused on how the genetics work of it all… We have a Sapphire gem rooster in with -...
  15. crazychickenmamamia


    Here is some better pictures of my 4 week old RIRs that I’ve been told are boys by my husband best friend who has been raising chickens his whole life so I’m just curious what you guys think. Thank you :):jumpy
  16. crazychickenmamamia

    Roos or pullets?

    Hello was just curious what everyone’s opinion was on my chicks. They are 4 weeks old so I know it is still pretty early to tell if they are roos but they are very aggressive towards each other. We think we might have three roos. Two of them are Rhode Island Reds and the other one is an...
  17. valesmichelle

    River Valley Arkansas Chicken Momma

    Hello, My name is Michelle. I grew up with chickens, but that was over 40 years ago, and I'm excited to be able to have chickens again. When I was growing up, a chicken was a chicken and most people had Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. We had a few of those black Bantam's and those were my...
  18. ChickChic00

    Rhode Island Red

    My question is, Can you breed regular stock RIR so much that you get darker RIR? Or will I have to buy a darker rooster every other generation to get darker? Any help is very much appreciated!!
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