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  1. J

    Sick Chicken- headed withdrawn, diarrhea, holding foot up

    I am new to keeping backyard chickens and this is my first experience with a sick chicken. This hen is a Rhode Island Red, she’s about a year and a half old (she’s currently molting). We live in Iowa where the weather has been cold the last few weeks. This weekend I noticed a severe case of comb...
  2. K

    Scaly leg mites or RIR natural colouring?

    Hi all, I have noticed my Rhode Island Reds (3) are developing red lines on their feet (image below). I have heard that some types have these, but can’t work out if it’s Scaly Leg Mites or something else??!! Help appreciated. The flock are 3.5/4 months old and consist of 3 RIR (1 cockerel). Thanks.
  3. R

    Rhode island red rooster lameness

    Hi My rhode island red rooster about 5 months old has one leg lame, it is usually lying down and walks crisscrossing. Should i cull the rooster? I have tried giving multivitamins and provide calcium supplements, but no improvement. It seems to get worse as the rooster gains more weight growing up.
  4. Susan


  5. Greystone farm


    Hey there! I read an article a while ago about feeding laying hens grower feed with oyster shells/eggshells on the side instead of layer crumble because layer feed lacks the animal proteins needed for chickens to thrive as well as all-around diversity. I read that laying hens do best on 20%...
  6. G

    My "girls" are worrying me - Balvaders & Rhode Island Red

    So confused as to whether these "girls" really are girls . Balvaders are 12wks - the smaller one has flashes of green in their neck but the other one is huge with tree trunk legs. The Rhode island red is 10wks and has some beautiful green feathers under the brown 😞 We've had chickens before...
  7. K

    What exactly are these?

    I am new to chickens (well, been a long time since I've had any). I have some questions... 1) is the little Red a bantam? She's the same age (no more than a couple days younger) but about half the size of the other 2 Reds. 2) what is this cockerel? He was supposed to be sapphire gem but I...
  8. Greystone farm

    Skinny hen

    Hello! The hen I posted about recently, Rhody, is feeling much skinnier than normal. She has been a big, healthy hen all her life—she is two and a half—but about a week ago, I noticed her losing weight. For a few days, her comb was slightly floppy and discoloured, but with some electrolytes and...
  9. Greystone farm

    Slightly flipped comb and lethargy

    Hi there! I noticed today that one of my 2 and a half year old hens, Rhody, is acting slightly lethargic today. Upon looking closer I noticed that her comb has a very small flop to it that didn’t used to be there, and it’s tips at the back are slightly darker/more discoloured than normal. Also...
  10. S

    Sunny Woodlands Farm (NH, US)

    We have a small homestead/farm in New Hampshire (US). We have 13 laying hens we got last year and a RIR rooster ("Sam") that sired 35 RIR and RIR/PBR chicks with them this year. Those incubator-born birds are about 3 months old now. We lost four of those early on, and about 7 of the 55 total...
  11. ashlkfnl

    Chicken limping extremely bad, falling on herself and staying sitting.

    Hello! I have some 20-21 week old Rhode Island Reds. They all were walking fine until one day one of my girls started favoring one leg and limping badly. I thought maybe she stepped on something and I examined her foot and nothing seemed amiss. Fast forward a week or so and she is now falling...
  12. M

    Rhode Island Red Roosters need rehoming

    I have two approximately 18-week old roosters who need homes. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have a large horse farm with lots of activity, and my hens don’t need a baby daddy. The boys are super friendly and sociable. I can post photos tomorrow, I just forgot to take pictures today. They are lovely...
  13. W

    SW MI-Rhode Island Red—Hens for sale.

    Beautiful free range hens. 18m and laying well. Ready to thin down our large flock. Have up to 50 ready to go. 25$ each or group deal.
  14. A

    Rooster or Hen?

    I think my Australorp and Rhode Island Red are roosters but want to be 100% sure before I rehome. Both about 14 weeks.
  15. Greystone farm

    Swollen tummy/abdomen

    Hi there! My precious Rhode Island Red hen Oakley seems to have a bloated/swollen abdomen and I have no clue what to do about it. She has a rather intense medical history... over a year ago Oakley was attacked by a wild animal and her esophagus was ripped open. She underwent a surgery and...
  16. C

    Beautiful rooster

    I have only been raising chickens for about 3 years so i am fairly new. I started with 15 hens and one rooster. 5 buff orpington, 5 cinnamon queen. 5 Black Astrolorpe and one rhode island red rooster my daughter named Roody. Now we have 40 chickens. I crossed our rhode island red with the...
  17. LostTesseract

    26 week old Rhode Island Red won't lay eggs

    Hey folks, I'm getting a little bit concerned about the 26 week old RIR hen who hasn't laid a single egg. 2 of her roommates are leghorns who've been laying for at least a month. They started around 18 weeks. Maybe it's nothing to be concerned about but the whole flock is in great health, they...
  18. agold23

    My flock as a first time chicken owner!

    Like many others on this forum, I love my flock and especially as a first time chicken owner I love showing them off, so why not introduce them? We got my flock from a family friend who now has over 200 chickens and turkeys, many goats, a couple dogs and soon to be some horses! She was kind...
  19. OrlandoMama

    At what age did your chickens lay?

    Good morning! I was wondering when did everyone’s girls start to lay? I have two Rhode island reds, two prairie bluebell easter eggers, and two light bramahas that are 16 weeks and I have a buff orpington, white leghorn, and americana easter egger that are 8 weeks. This is my first personal...
  20. F

    Help: Hen or Cockerel?

    Recently got baby rhode island red chicks from a local feed store. We were told both are pullets but one is looking more like a cockerel. Roughly 4 weeks old i think? Just now growing a tail and comb is more noticeable. Here is an individual photo as well as one with he/she on the chair arm...
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