1. Meet Teriyaki chicken!

    Meet Teriyaki chicken!

    Name: Teriyaki - RIP Nov. 6, 2020 Breed: Red sex link Became a Chickadee on April 18, 2020 First egg: approx. late April Egg: brown Coloring: white/brown feathers! *High egg production & doesn't live pass 2-3
  2. Laura_BelgianBantams_63

    R.I.P Perri, always remembered, never forgotten.

    It was around 6:15 am in the morning that I heard the commotion. I heard panicked squawks from the chickens outside my window. I thought the flock of 9 was just being annoyed by plovers...but when I looked out my window...a fox was chasing them around. I gasped and ran to the laundry door in my...
  3. AlexD98

    Hi, I'm New :)

    Hi, I'm new to chicken keeping ( about 4 month) Any advice or tips would be much appreciated I have a chocolate Wyandotte (Ethel) Lavender araucana (Gladys) White polish (Lizzy) + her 3 chicks (polish X Wyandotte) (Pekin X Wyandotte) (Chocolate Wyandotte) Also RIP to Sylvia the Pekin...
  4. Henry&Friends

    Rip Henry VIII II

    This guy died a good minute ago, but I found pictures and videos of him going through my camera roll. Rude and unreasonable, but oh so handsome, Rest In Peace, ya big fat jerk.
  5. WallyBirdie

    A Hawk Came Into the Yard....

    A hawk came into the yard... Sounds like a setup for a joke with a lame punchline. But it isn't. A hawk came into the yard and attacked my chickens. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it, but I came onto the scene too late. It got my Polish pretty good, she was bleeding and scared...
  6. TwentyOneChickens

    Remembering Ethel

    One of our smallest, most unique hens, Ethel passed away yesterday. I believe she has had reproductive issues since she was around a year old, maybe less. It was getting worse as the months progressed. Around 8 months ago, she started laying broken eggs. She would also frequently become...
  7. W

    Indian Runner... RIP and Drake to female

    Hi there.... i am a novice duck keeper but rescued my 2 indian runner girls and 1 drake about a year ago. Unfortunately one of the females died at the vets (upon coming out of anaesthetic).. we have been so upset but now have to consider our remaining boy and girl. They are very imprinted and...
  8. Lyndssxo08

    RIP my sweet Sarah

    Last May my sister in law had called me saying that she had just chased down a fox to get him to drop our rooster Earl which she was out looking for since he was laying down in the bushes by the creek by our house trying to hide from the fox. I rushed home just hoping and worrying about him and...
  9. Twoleggedmotherhen

    Rest In Peace Penny

    Sad morning. Our 11 month old pullet Penny Golden Comet) passed away. She was eating drinking, being herself yesterday. Comb and wattles normal color. This morning she didn't come out of the coop. She was on the roost eyes closed. I got out the crate placed a blanket in it and put her in after...
  10. DuckMochi

    RIP my beautiful baby girl Mochi

    This morning something terrible happened. My Cayuga ducks, Mochi, who I raised when she was just a little duckling, passed away today. We woke up getting ready to go on a family day trip when it happened. I saw her laying on the ground outside completely unable to move. She was just flopped...
  11. Fuzz429

    Sick chicken didn't make it :(

    So after 2 days of zero improvement on my 2 1/2 month old hen. I had to make the super hard decision of taking her life. This has been one of those horrible life experiences that I guess as a flock owner you have to learn. It's amazing how these animals only after a couple month become so close...
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