1. C

    Thoughts on what breeds these are? Cochin, Brahma, RIR, PBR, B. Orpington?

    I’m a complete newbie; starting out with 8 chicks, hatched 11/4/2019. I wanted a variety and thought it would be fun to figure out what they were from a couple of the Meyer’s assortments. I ordered 3 from the production pack, 2 from the rare assortment, 2 from the rainbow assortment and also...
  2. Paulownia

    Rhode Island Red laid a white egg?

    Our RIR chickens are 15 months old and one of them laid a white egg today. Has this happened to anyone else? I read it could be because of molting but I also read that molting doesn't usually start until 18 months. Would love some insight from anyone knowledgeable in this. :-) thank you!
  3. comish83

    New to Chickens and want advice on breeding

    Hello all and am excited to make my first post. I have 10 8 week old hens (2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Golden Buffs, 2 Cream Legbars, and 2 Barnevelders). It is really interesting getting to see their personalities develop. The idea of breeding to blend their traits really fascinates...
  4. E

    Urgent please help my Chick

    Please help my chick 5 weeks old RIR chick. Thanks Elvis.
  5. E

    RIR/Aseel Cross

    Hi friend's, I am having one RIR Cockerel & Aseel pullet, would like to know is there any possibility to get pure RIR if I crossbreed both. Thanks Elvis.
  6. E

    Please help my 22 days old RIR chick

    It started before 4 days, I don't know it's Marek's or Crazy chick disease. I am giving 2 drops of enroflaxin from day one. Liver tonic & Paediatric multivitamin drop for 2 days but still no improvement. Please help me to save my chick.
  7. Dance_in_Fire

    A breeding experiment, Hybrids

    So, i have been stalking different pages of this site that pop up when i am searching for things about my chickens. Finally decided to join and post. I had a beautiful red black laced wyandotte rooster. His name was Bantam, he was huge, mostly quiet(he didn't crow often, but when he did you...
  8. ValerieJ

    In memory of Little Red Haired Girl

    It was Little Red Haired Girl's job to give the benediction at the end of each day.
  9. Newlychickening

    Layers not pluckers... hopefully lol

    Hey Y’all, I’m Trey & new to raising chickens my brother order 10 RIR chickens for Dad & myself we went in halfs with me paying Dad back!!! They came in around 2nd or 3rd week of April!!! Very excited about it & ready for them to start laying asap!!! I have RIR’s from TSC 7 of the 10 are still...
  10. Clemmy

    Rhode Island Red with a very swollen butt, loss in appetite, and pale floppy comb.

    Recently, my rir has not been looking that good. She is a middle aged hen who has recently stopped laying. She is lethargic and tired-looking around the coop; and I can tell that she has had a massive loss in her appetite ( I can tell by how her crop is completely empty). Her butt also seems...
  11. Muncy89

    West Virginia/Eastern Kentucky???

    Looking for people close to me to do future swaps with and whatnot. Right now I have an extra RIR Cockerel (Guessing around 4 months of age) I recently aquired. I bought some birds and got two RIR cockerels and only need to keep one, I would be willing to trade him to any hen/pullet thats a...
  12. CityslickerHomestead

    Male or Female RIR?

    This Rhode Island Red I got from the local feed store (sourced from Hoover’s Hatchery) is supposed to be a pullet, however today I noticed the start of curved tail feathers, with a beautiful green sheen. Does this mean male? It is about 10-11 weeks old. Sorry for the poor picture. It’s camera shy.
  13. Countrymanfowl

    10 x 12 How Many Chickens

    I currently have a plastic DIY shed that is 10' by 12'. They have a very large area outside but I'm wondering how many chickens this would fit. Bared rocks or RIR's to be exact. I've kept chickens in it before but am looking to find out what the optimal number would be. Thanks.
  14. J

    JacJac is back.

    Hello everyone. It's been over 45 years and I'm getting back to raising poultry - chicken (and ducks soon), as allowed by ordiance and zoning here. After being a traveling nurse - wound care specialist, caring for humans, for over 40 years, I'm finally retired???AND differently-abled (it's a...
  15. E

    Any experience integrating new chickens into flock of RIR?

    I have a 1 year old flock of 9 Rhode Island Reds who have been fairly easy and good layers. I’m raising some new chicks now who are 6-10 weeks old and going to start integrating them. Two of my new chicks are 10 weeks so I thought I would integrate them first since they’ve been on their own for...
  16. tstreetman

    Sexing help for our new, little flock. 2 months old - 4 breeds.

    I am looking for some help with determining if we have any roos among our little flock. We purchased our 5 chicks from a local farm store, trying to get 5 hens. We were told the breeders had 85% accuracy in sexing, but no guarantees, so we're somewhat prepared for one or two maybe turning out to...
  17. J

    Want RIR chicks today if possible... HELP!!!

    We are Jac Jac and Manny of BeyondGanics. We recently started added chicken - a Dorking rooster and hen and several Red Stars who were already in a flock together to our sustainable farm. We want to get several RIR chicks (preferably tonight). Can anyone help us out? We're in the Savannah, Ga...
  18. B

    1y.o. RIR not eating or drinking, her sis died

    Hello - So had 1 of 5 RIR die about a week ago. Only 1y.o. in good health as far as I know. Suspected gander had killed her as he is obnoxious during mating season and he sleeps separate from hens at night because of this. Dunno if was him though. Found her at dusk by coop when went out...
  19. F

    Curly tail feathers Rhode island red and araucana 20 weeks

    I was sure the RIR was a pullet bbu now has these two curly tail feathers also now unsure of the lavender araucana (Australian version) .. please let me know your guesses. They are 20 weeks now.
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