1. E

    Let Me Rate Your Small Animal Setup!

    I've seen a lot of pet YouTubers do videos where they have people email pics of their small animal setups and get constructive criticism on how to make it better for the pet. So, I thought since there are so many animal lovers on here it would be cool to do this! Please note that I do not own...
  2. Mother of Chooks

    The Rats Are Back

    Welp, with the beginning of spring the rats are trying to move back into my chicken coop once again as they do every year. Normally in the past, we've had to resort to your traditional rat-traps to get rid of the adults and then catching the baby ones and disposing of them ourselves. We plan on...
  3. T

    Difference in feeders...

    New keeper here. Won't have birds until the spring. Can anybody tell me what the difference (ie--benefits) are between a treadle feeder vs no-spill feeder (bin w/ PVC elbows)? Specifically when it comes to attracting rodents? Anyone with experience w/ both types of feeders?? Thanks!
  4. awyman

    Rodent Infestation, Need Help!

    I hate saying it, but my barn has rats. We’ve struggled with this problem for about a year and a half now. We’ve tried everything. Electric traps, pet friendly poison, & even hunting them at night. We have livestock dogs, but they don’t help either. We keep all our food in bins, our barn is...
  5. M

    How to keep rodents out

    hi y'all! I'm new to the the Forum so apologies if this subject has already been discussed. Ive heard there's several ways to install the coop to prevent rodents from digging their way into the coop but I can't seem to find a good tutorial on YouTube, and i need visuals. do you dig trench and...
  6. Scotty from BI

    question regarding feeding chickens to avoid mice

    I would like to withhold food from the flock for up to about three hours in the morning. Let me explain. until recently, I have been waking up every morning when the chickens wake at the crack of dawn and putting food in their closed run. I put the food away at night to keep rats and mice...
  7. chicksandchores


    I really need some advice on how to eliminate rats. I live in middle Tennessee, on 17 undeveloped acres. Until we got chickens, we had only had issues with mice in the house and those were caught and eliminated in snap traps or glue traps. Since getting my first chicks a little over a year ago...
  8. Farmer Connie

    GIANT SNAKE = bye bye egg production.

    Distress can play a major role in a dramatic decrease in egg production within your flock. A snake just being present and not necessarily eating the eggs can make your egg layers turn off their switch. RAIN, that is a reality we are dealing with at the moment. An unprecedented amount of...
  9. Contolini6

    Mice and Squirrel Problems

    Now that the weather is cooling down, we are starting to notice that not only are we feeding chickens and ducks, but we are also feeding the neighborhood mice and squirrels. We have two chickens and three ducks, and we have their food in metal drainpipe pieces attached to the fence, with a...
  10. Lil' Jerry

    Feeding A Pet Turkey

    Hi, my family has had a pet turkey for a little over a year now and recently we've run into a problem feeding her. In the morning when we feed her we'll find a bunch of rodent poop in her food bowl and she herself seems to hardly touch the poultry feed we leave in there (she's more a fan of...
  11. KDOGG331


    Anyone here have gerbils? Thinking of getting some and was curious if anyone else had them. Mostly just looking for stories and pictures of yours since I've already done a lot of research but if you have any tips that could be fine too. Thought this could be fun. Thanks.
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