roo or pullet

  1. ARM5078

    Speckled Sussex? Gender? 7.5 weeks old

    I got these two supposedly Speckled Sussex chicks. However, someone called the species into question due to the lack of speckling in the body. Do they look like Speckled Sussex? Can you tell if they are roos or pullets? Any insight is appreciated! Chick #1: Chick #2:
  2. ARM5078

    7.5 week Australorp: Roo or Hen?

    I'm a chicken newbie and feel that my 7.5 week black Australorp is suspect for either being a dominant hen or a roo. However, I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Any insights?
  3. EmilyEnns

    pullets or roos?

    hi there! looking for some help sexing my chicks! they vary in age but i believe the youngest are 10 weeks now and the oldest going on 15 weeks. It might just be me but i think they are all roos 🙈 i have 18 chicks and i’m only sure of 6 of them being pullets because they obviously don’t have any...
  4. 9chicks1roo

    Rooster Or Hen- 3 Week old Isa Brown

    This is my 3 week old Isa Brown. He/She is very protective over the group, and take a look at their comb!Their comb is a Dark pink/ red color, and the tail is shorter. Pls help!!
  5. E

    Pullet or Roo?

    Is anyone able to tell me if the Plymouth rocks pictures here are both pullets or is the lighter one a cockerel? They are 12 weeks old. sorry for the poor quality on photo.
  6. E

    Roo or pullet?

    Is anyone able to tell me if the Plymouth rocks pictures here are both pullets or is the lighter one a cockerel? They are 12 weeks old. sorry for the poor quality on photo.
  7. ThisChickenAdventure

    Pullet or Roo?

    13.3 week old Wyandotte that my children have named Rose. Her tail is a bit more glorious than anticipated or than her Wyandotte friend Francine (grey) and we are wondering if she is perhaps a he. TIA
  8. HamletAndEggs

    Lavender Orp... pullet or roo?

    Hi All!! This is my first post on BYC and my first 2 months with chickens... LOVE them so much already!! All of my chicks were purchased just days-old, now all about 7 weeks old. Here’s a pic of both my Buff and Lav Orpington taken today. I hunch the lavender cutie named Viola might actually be...
  9. TSArmendarez

    Is this a Sausage Party??

    Hey Y'all! Got these "pullets" back in the very end of March. 3 Black Aussies, 3 Amberlinks...supposed to all be pullets. I have one Aussie who is small, but ballsy as all get out, and with a flipped tail, and LOUD. She's also highly inquisitive. She talks the most smack all the time, and...
  10. toomanyjewels

    Are my 9 week old golden laced wyandottes a pullet or Roo?

    I have two golden laced Wyandotte chicks and I was just wondering if you think they are Roos or pullets? Thanks for your help.
  11. ZoomuKeeper

    6 week old Buff Brahma still does not have all it's feathers

    My 6 week old Buff Brahma still does not have all it's feathers. The rest of the Brahmas same age are fully feathered. They will be 7 weeks Saturday. The chick's back is still all fluff and no tail feathers yet. I bought them from tractor supply when they were days old and supposedly they are...
  12. L

    Roo or Hen?

    is this Barred Rock looking like a roo or Hen? I suck at telling.
  13. L

    Breed and gender????

    Can anyone help identify the breed of the brown chick with black on its wings? I believe the last pic is a wynodotte? But unsure what kind. Then lastly curious if anyone can tell if the wynodotte and Cochin are Roos or pullers?
  14. Jessezgirl96

    Roo? Pullet?

    3 chicks I currently have in our brooder ( 2 Araucana and 1 silver laced Wyandotte we purchased at our local feed store - 4 weeks old now. if it wasn’t for bad luck... last year 5/6 of my chicks ended up as Roos. I had to start over- wondering your thoughts on them all - I know they are still...
  15. Privettprairie

    Newbie and chicken sex identification

    hello there I’m new to the chicken raising, I’m from Texas I ordered my chicks from a hatchery in Texas as chicks I got 9 female ..3 light Brahma, 3 laced Wyondotte, and 3 buff orpingtons. The hatchery has mentioned they may send a roo or two for warmth but they sent 7 extra I was assuming the...
  16. ourcozycoop


    Hey y’all I’ve posted two pictures. These are lavender crosses We have never hatched them or have had them hatch by a hen until now. Our three ladies came from a breeder Anyways these two were hatched by our little bantam Linda. My hubs thinks roosters. But They are half polish, so maybe that...
  17. homesteadforage

    Hens or Roos?

    Looking for your help, guys! I've got four birds that I need to figure out if they're hens or roos. Two are brown/multi, one is white, and one is black and white. (We need to get rid of the roos, per law). Thanks in advance!!! (My guess is the white and white/black one are hens).
  18. P

    Cockerel Or Pullet

    Cockerel Or Pullet? I have 2 English Lavender Pullets(hopefully). One 12 weeks, the other 14 weeks. No idea what sex they are, but hoping hens. There are no Roos allowed in our city, and we love them. Thank you! "Little Lady" 12 wks, on left in photos below. "Violet" 14wks on right in...
  19. lovesown

    Pavlovskaya pullet or cockerel? (8 weeks)

    Anyone else think this is a roo? That white one is an 8-9 week old Pavlovskaya from the last flock swap. My fingers are crossed it’s a hen, but she’s pretty feisty.
  20. StarBae

    Cochin Bantam, roo vs. hen?

    I am *hopefully* getting this pair from my mother soon, and hopefully they are actually a pair! The first pic I KNOW is a roo, he's crowed in my arms, danced at the massive barred rock roo that was wandering the yard when I put him in his run, and is overall very dominant. The second one I have...
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