1. MysticOutcast

    Unusual looking Brahma rooster

    I hatched a lot of eggs from my mixed flock of chickens over the summer, one of the chickens I hatched is a dark Brahma rooster. He hatched from a dark Brahma egg and I’m positive he came from the dark Brahma rooster, the only other Roos were a golden laced polish and an old English Wheaton...
  2. G

    Tree roosting & chicks

    Neighbours chickens free roam on their property and the property I live on. At night they roost in trees so I figured I'd share a few photos. We live where there are limited predators so I guess this is how they've decided to raise chickens. Seems to work well the chickens are all fairly old...
  3. C

    Deathlayers & Black Copper Maran Roos for Sale!

    Hi all! I have some roos that I got as part of an order from Greenfire that I need a new home for! They are rare breeds so I would rather rehome them than eat them! I have 1 Gold Deathlayer male, 2 Silver Deathlayer males, and 1 Black Copper Maran male. All of them are in excellent health...
  4. C

    Roos Free to a Good Home! Lavender Orpington and Lavender x Ameraucana - VA

    We have 5 roos to re-home! One is a pure Lavender Orpington. He is about 1.5 years old. The other 4 are his offspring and crossed with Ameraucana (different hens). Two of the 4 have the fluffy cheeks and 2 do not.
  5. C

    Roo free to good home - VA lavender orpington x Ameraucana

    Hi everyone! We have a roo that is in search of his forever home. We have too many roosters. He is a little shy of 3 months old. He is an Ameraucana (hen) and lavender Orpington (rooster) mix and is beautiful! His tail is the iridescent green/blue! Location: Richmond/Fredericksburg area, VA
  6. C

    Lavender Orpington x Ameraucana Roo -rehome to good home -VA

    Hi everyone! We have a roo that is in search of his forever home. We have too many roosters. He is a little shy of 3 months old. He is an Ameraucana (hen) and lavender Orpington (rooster) mix and is beautiful! His tail is the iridescent green/blue! Location: Richmond/Fredericksburg area, VA
  7. K

    Plymouth Rock Roo x Welsummer Hen

    Hi, I THINK this is a BR Roo x Wel Hen. It’s a pretty chick admittedly but I’m not sure whether having a BR Roo makes it sex linked and I was wondering if anyone has seen this pattern before?
  8. C

    Best type of crow collar?

    Hi guys! Wanted to know everyone’s reviews on different brands of no crow collars. I’ve seen people say the cheap ones on Amazon work just as well but was wondering if anyone likes the “fancier” ones better and why? My roo is pretty small so I think any collar will work for him, I almost...
  9. L

    RIR gender?

    Hi I’ve got two rir that are now nearly 10 weeks old! At first they both looked like pullets but now one has a bigger comb/red face than the other? I’ve attached pictures of both to see if a can help? Starting to think 1 is a roo as it seems to attack the others too
  10. A

    He was sexed as a roo but at 18 weeks I’m not sure

    Help?! I’m brand new to this whole chicken thing. We got this guy at 1 day at a feed store, and were told he was male but as time goes on and I learn more and more, I’m not convinced. He does have a larger comb than the other 6 we bought that day, and his overall size is larger, but at 18 weeks...
  11. B

    Is this normal pullet appearance

    I got this little one has a baby. She was sold as a orpington but as her feathers came in it was obvious she was not. Pretty sure she’s a barred rock. She has the paint wash legs, had a spot on her head as a baby. But now at 5/6 weeks I’ve notice waddles coming in.. her comb is yellow but the...
  12. E

    12 week old Silkies. Hen or Roo?

    I have 3 silkie chickens that are so different! First pic is Bluey, I’m 99% sure this is a hen. She has no comb, no streamers, and just seems like a hen. Picture #2 is Coconut. I’m 100% sure he is a Roo. HUGE comb and has streamers. And he has been crowing for maybe 3-4 weeks now. Super cute...
  13. B

    Easter egger pullet not sexed right?

    Is my daughters Easter egger a roo?! We bought 2 along with a welsummer and a orpington(which I think is actually a barred rock due to its speckles) from our local feed store, all were said to be sexed females. But one Easter eggers comb is a lot bigger than all the others. Both Easter eggs are...
  14. AZChickChick

    Hen or Roo Satin Silkie

    Hello! I bought bird as a pullet - I didn’t get to pick out which one as the seller had these two already set aside. Once I got home I started wondering if this was actually a rooster? Thoughts? Hatched in March! Trying to decide if I send off for DNA testing since i can’t have roosters at my...
  15. C

    Bay Area (Marin) - beautiful blue Cochin Roo needs a new home

    I just found out via DNA testing that one of my chicks, the blue/grey Cochin baby, is a Roo. He is a beauty, docile, fluffy, and did I say beautiful? He is about 10-12 weeks old. I would love for him to go to a farm and have a happy long life. We are located in Marin, Bay Area.
  16. M

    19 week EE & BA - pullet or cockerel?

    We have 2 chickens that I was convinced were both pullets but now that they are 19 weeks old, one has started to act a bit roosterish and the other one looks somewhat roosterish.😩 I already have 2 Roos that were meant to be hens (I’m deciding who has to go right now) but now I’m afraid Bellatrix...
  17. PistolHollidayIV

    need help sexing wyandotte chicks

    I was given these 2 wyandotte along with 2 Dominiques and I was wondering if there both hens or rooms or what, im confident with the doms cause they still had there dots
  18. Brittnicole94

    Unsure bleed and gender/ variety bantam eggs

    These two little guys were hatched from a variety of bantam from a livestock market! Does anyone know what breed and gender they are I’m thinking rooster but hopefully I’m wrong 😂
  19. C

    How long before my girls will accept new roo?

    Hi everyone, I’ve searched for the answer high and low but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. On average, how long does it take for a flock of hens to accept a rooster? I know for chickens meeting chickens it can take 2 or so weeks. But is introducing a male any different? I’m assuming...
  20. P

    New to group - Hen or Roo?!

    You know the name of the game… hen or roo?! This is Karen, a supposed 8-10 week EE. “She” has me stumped!
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