1. H

    ameraucana Pullet? 10 weeks???

    A Neighbour was getting rid of her chickens and said They were all 10 week old Hens. I can’t tell if “Mary” is a hen or roo. “She” is also almost twice the size of the 10 week olds I already have so maybe she’s older?
  2. S

    Need help identifying!

    Hey! so my favorite babies are growing combs and one has wattles pretty much overnight! I live in Philly and my neighbors are cool with hens but roos will be a real problem-real quick lol. They are 8 weeks old and are sweet as can be. In the coop and run they get along perfectly! As soon as...
  3. B

    Cinnamon Queen - hen or roo?

    This chick is 4 weeks old. I have one roo that is now 8 weeks old and I cannot have more than 1 rooster. Cinnamon is the only one that stands up to my roo. It looks like Cinnamon has little bumps on the back of it's legs...beginnings of spurs?? I really need to know the sex of thos one before...
  4. nine9d

    10 week old Polish and Serama, can you tell the sex?

    Hi all! Here are some of my babies that I hatched. I've started to hear the beginning of crowing, and I think I know which are males, but was hoping to get a second opinion without influencing anyone here. Thanks so much for all of your help! Click image to enlarge...
  5. I

    Rooster, right? Also need help with breed identification.

    Hey all, my first post so sorry for any errors. I got my chicks on March 19th, so it’s been about 2 months. I got them from tractor supply (pullets, they said.) They were sold as two Australops, two Asia blacks. I’m posting pictures of the four chickens. I’m nearly positive the first is a...
  6. E

    Roo or Pullet

    10 week old Olive Eggers. Can anyone confirm roo or pullet?
  7. T

    Speckled Sussex Chicks - Hens or Roos?

    These babies are about 11 weeks old and I’m having trouble sexing them. Their combs are definitely large, but I’m not seeing any pointed hackle feathers or tail feathers! What’s your guess? I’ve never had any Sussex chicks before so I no experience with them!
  8. S

    Olive Egger Roo?

    Our 4-5 week old Olive Eggers have different combs. Would this one absolutely be a roo? The coloring is very pheasant-like which has me confused. It’s so sweet I really hope not.
  9. CoopedUpChic

    ♀️♂️ Is Pidgey evolving into a Pullet or Roo? 🐤

    Hello! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon such an amazing and knowledgeable community as I venture into the world of chickens! After reading seemingly endless threads and articles on sexing Easter Eggers, I'm looking for your thoughts! Our 5-week chick Pidgey's comb is pinking up a bit and I...
  10. C

    Cochin silkie cross chicks hen? Or Roo ?

    Can someone help to identify the lil Cochin silkie cross chicks all are between 3-4 weeks old
  11. calichooks

    she might be a roo 😭

    so, my baby Salami is the sweetest little thing. earlier someone helped identify her as a speckled sussex and i was thrilled to have a hen of that breed in the flock when something happened... she was laying on top of me while i was laying down. she stood up straight and chirped, and then curved...
  12. LateBirdFarms

    Dude or Dudette

    Okay, so I've never been particularly good at telling a young roo and a pullet apart... I've mostly dealt with sexlinks until recently as I have no use for roos, well, I can think of a few but the hubby draws the line at roos. I got this youngster in the midst of molting from a lady who had...
  13. M

    Beginner here...gender help please! **many many pics**

    Bought these sex links from Tractor Supply, they are now 6 almost 7 weeks old. I believe they are isa browns, black australorps, and golden laced Wyandotte’s. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Hoping for all females since we can’t have roosters. Thank you!!
  14. G

    Dark Brahma roo or pullet

    Hello🤩 I have 3 dark Brahma chicks 6 weeks old and I’m wondering if they’re Roos or pullets. First time chicken mama
  15. Flaisure


    Do you have a novogen? I was curious if you could post pictures. I just got one and it’s between 8-10 weeks old. It looks like a pullet but it has pointy tail feathers. I’m curious what your pullets and Roos look like. If you have any thoughts on mine please help lol.
  16. M

    Black Ameraucana X Golden Laced Wyandotte: One Week Old. Gender?

    Hello, I am new to raising chickens. I have two chicks. I read I could possibly sex them by looking at their wings over the first week. Based off the information I have seen it seems this may be a rooster. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. The chick's mom is a Black Ameraucana and...
  17. N

    Roo or Hen?

    Picked this baby up on feb. 22 and just curious if you guys think roo or hen? I have my guess but never had a “Cochin” before so wanted other opinions! I would assume 5-6 weeks old
  18. IMG_20200109_160548097.jpg


    My super special silkie too!
  19. L

    is my light Brahma a hen or rooster?

    I am unable to tell the gender of my Brahma chicken. We got it in late may to early June
  20. Clevelcj

    Beautiful Roo.

    Isnt he lovely? 7 month old brahma australorpe mix. Hatched and raised by a broody this spring.
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