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  1. ValerieJ

    Roost bar and poop board depth question

    DH is designing our new coop today, or starting it anyway. I think I read somewhere that the roosting bar should be 2' from the wall. If that is so, does the poop board need to be 4'? Also, is a foot off the poop board high enough for the roost bar? In order to have windows that do not blow...
  2. HamletAndEggs

    How high is too high?

    Hi Again! We built a lovely coop for our new flock of 12. It has two large roosts, one at about 3 feet high and another at about 4 feet high. The kids learned to roost without issue... but about 2 weeks ago (they’re 17 weeks old) I found them roosting in the rafters!! They are about 8 feet off...
  3. SchultzWoodworking

    Roost Please advise

    Guess I should’ve posted this before the roost was officially built however at the time there was going to be only ten laying hens and it was figured that there was adequate room for them to sleep... Then reality sets in and I ended up ordering 20 egg layers of different varieties thinking I’d...
  4. K

    How do i attach branches to the run for roosting???

    I am trying to figure out how to attach some nice branches to my run for the chickens to roost on. i cant figure out how to secure them to the run walls. i’d like to attach two branches across the width of my run which is only about 5 feet in width. any ideas or pictures would be helpful.
  5. K

    Same height roosts

    So many gorgeous coop design ideas but they nearly all have tiered roosts - one bar higher than the next. I understand about "pecking order" but is there any reason I shouldn't make all the roosts at the same height - maybe as if using a horizontal ladder?
  6. Coop Health: Designing and Maintaining a Healthy Coop

    Coop Health: Designing and Maintaining a Healthy Coop

    What is a healthy coop? A healthy coop breeds healthy birds. It's one that offers your flock the best environment to thrive and live a healthy life. How much room do chickens need? Is my coop predator proof? Does it have enough ventilation for good health? What sort of bedding is best for my...
  7. skullgrrrl

    DIY: Roost Bars

    I used to pick up coffee grounds from Starbucks every week. They kept a bin in their walk in dumpster area and allowed me to take whatever I wanted. I found this discarded bakery rack and picked it up thinking it might come in handy. I ended up mounting it horizontally as roost bars in my coop...
  8. M

    Adopting two Silkies to add to add to flock of 4

    hello! I was contacted by a friend who knew someone who needs to re-home their two silkies. I love silkies and have wanted to adopt some soon. Turns out they hatched the same month (october '17) as my current crew - russian orloff (Polina), buff orphinton (Betty), Barred Rock (Darla) and Easter...
  9. CanadaEh

    Blocking space above low roosts and ventilation?

    I would like to make the best use of the interior coop space of (only) 8x8 shed coop, and I like the design shown in this thread - with whole wall of brooder boxes under whole wall of same...
  10. Thyme4Chickens

    Wood's Coop Roost bars - how many deep?

    Hi all! We are getting close to having our 8x16 Wood's coop "livable for chickens and predator proof".... "Done" to me will mean painted all nice and pretty on the outside and I don't know when that will happen! :p Regarding the roost bars - here's the plan in the book...
  11. Walkbarefoot

    Wondering how you have set up the inside of smaller coops

    Please share the inside of your smaller coops. I have a 5x6 coop that we built this spring. I am not 100% happy with the way the plans have the roosts set up. I am wondering how others have set up the inside of their smaller coops. Where are your roosts? Food and water? Thanks!
  12. Acre4Me

    Roosts - Update!

    Here is our current solution to the roost question I posted a few days ago. Here is the previous post: and several offered up useful ideas: @jthornton, @kesrchicky16, @Ridgerunner, @paneubert, @deepbluesea. Here are two...
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