roosters and hens

  1. BantamBabies

    New to everything!

    Hi! I’m new to chickens but after dreaming about getting them for 4 years and obsessing for 4 months, my sweet hubby finally gave in! He built my dream coop and run. We have a 3 and 4 year old girls ready to love on our 4 Silkies and 4 Satins (two of which are frizzled) who are 5 months old. We...
  2. rosemarysugar

    Safe to have 2 roosters??

    Hi I have 7 hens and I have always wanted a rooster but I don't want to eat fertilized eggs. I have been doing some thinking and would like to MAYBE get a rooster could we get 2 or would they fight, also would it be ok to get one (or 2) in early fall. Is there anyway to keep him from beating...
  3. A

    Need to re-home about 15 chickens and 4 roosters, Portland OR area

    Hello - My mom has about 15 chickens and 4 roosters that we need to re-home now that she is in hospice care. 4 of the chickens and 1 rooster are about 3 years old, the rest are pullets. If anyone is interested in some or all, or can point me in a good direction for re-homing in our area I...
  4. C

    To Roo or Not to Roo?

    So ... I've got a question for all you veteran chicken folks out there ... The long and short of it is this: Do I need to keep a rooster if I want to free range hens who were not raised free range (for the first year of their life)? More details: I picked up 6 chicks in April and all of them...
  5. L


    Ok so this is my 1st time ever having a chicken and a roosters, so I have no idea what I'm doing.Luna(my chicken) died two days ago and now it's just Mang (my rooster). We let him out all day and he comes back when it's time to sleep. His behavior didn't change much with Luna gone except he...
  6. Kharris75

    Make or female chicks

    At how many weeks will the chicks start showing if male or female? What physical signs do I look for?
  7. FrostyWind

    Is there a way to make my Flock aggressive?

    Hi I would like to know if there's any way that I can make my Roosters and Hens aggressive? Like really aggressive? The reason I want them to be aggressive because my flock are free range all their life, occasionally hawks and rats would come along, but not attack, well except for the rats...
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