1. dublinducks

    Three Silkie Roosters and One Silkie Cockerel For Sale - Ohio

    Three adult silkie roosters - One gorgeous gold partridge, one black with gold leakage, one black with a little white leakage. Just tightening up my breeding program and don't need them in it. I am unsure how old they are, I bought them as adults, but I would say the oldest would be about 2...
  2. M

    Babysitting roosters for a couple weeks

    What are your thoughts/opinions on bringing in 2 roosters into my flock of only 3 girls for a couple weeks? I have a friend who is moving and needs to put their roosters somewhere for a bit but my concern is 1. I don’t want fertilized eggs 2. I’ve never had a rooster let alone two and my girls...
  3. Moodleroni

    Coop Troop Mama

    Hello all, 'fairly newbie' chicken mama here, excited to be part of the BYC community! I come here VERY often and would love to chime in, share, and interact with equally cooky chicken mamas & daddys. I was flung head first into this mania when I 'got' (long story for its own post soon) my...
  4. Savagetiny

    Help! Please! Pecking order situation.

    Hello! This is long, I’m sorry, but I need help! The picture is of my babies, this post is about the adults. I’m having issues with my roosters. Before now, everyone got along, everyone knew the pecking order and was great. My littlest rooster (ayam cemani) was alpha, he was an adult when I...
  5. K

    How many roosters can I have to hens?

    I’ve heard 1 to 10 is a standard ratio currently raising 11 chicks who are “pullets” from TSC but we know how that may turn out lol i am also getting 2 light Brahma coop ready pullets in June bringing the total to 13 so will I need more than one Roo? How many roosters have you been able to keep...
  6. M

    Two roosters in need of home

    Hello two roosters stuck in the humane society here in Colorado Springs, CO need to be rehomed by the 11th of this month. They were thrown on the side of the road and these babies don’t deserve that. Please help me find a home for them, I can try and bring them to you or have it arranged or...
  7. Keeper of Flocks

    Greetings! New member introductions >

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have kept chickens for over a decade. I was in my early twenties. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 21 (3) What breeds do you have? I currently have 6 ISA Browns, 3 Welsumers, and 12 Pearl Star, all females I have...
  8. ChickChic00

    Breed Guess

    If you had to guess what breed these two were, what would they be?
  9. S

    Rehome for free 3 Roosters

    We have 3 roosters and hens. Need to find them homes. Live in Elyria Ohio near Cleveland. Can drop them to you
  10. triciayoung

    Did Anyone Else See This? A Plug for Chickens and Extra for Roosters. About Chickens.
  11. Poultry man123

    Dumped Roosters

    I was driving home today when I spotted 2 chickens in a road side paddock. this was a semi remote area with a river nearby and forest and in the middle of this paddock was 2 roosters in terrible condition. the stress and lack of food had affected these roosters severely. I eventually caught them...
  12. C

    Roosters touching each other's beaks

    I have caught my roosters doing this a few times. They put their beaks together and stand there for over 5 minutes. They don't make noise or show any aggression. It is winter in Michigan so I'm not sure if they are cold? Bonding? Sleeping? Has anyone seen this?
  13. B

    How to reincorporate, can I reincorporate a rooster with his hatchmates after a pecking injury?

    We are very new to raising chickens and hatched are first eggs in August. Our chicks are just about 12 weeks old. We have 15 birds, 5 roosters and 10 chickens from what we can figure out (we are not sure about one of the black ones so maybe 11 to 4). 4 days ago discovered one of the...
  14. K

    Roosters Needing Good Home - Springnfield, MO

    Hey everyone, I am desperately needing to find great homes for some roosters!! I have one Speckled Sussex (13 weeks), two Salmon Faverolles (17-18 weeks), and one Splash Ameraucana (17-18 weeks). I love them all and wish I could keep them, but unfortunately in my town I’m not allowed to have...
  15. C

    Two roosters

    I have two roosters their still both young but one is older then the other my younger one is a Turkin. The older one is styling the young turkin and is injuring the turkin he has a sore on his neck. I have put blinders on the bigger one but he is still getting to him and hurting him. I’m not...
  16. CoopBoots

    Clean Chickens vs. Dirty Roosters??

    Hi! Still learning the ropes here so forgive what might be kind of a stupid observation and question. I welcome your thoughts! In my limited experience, chickens are normally pretty clean. I know they have feather dander, take dirt baths, and poop everywhere (and step in it a lot, eww), but...
  17. T


    Hi! I'm a newbie. I bought 8 pullets in June. One is gray and came from the Rhode Island Red bin. Beautiful bird and appears to be a roo, still not crowing at 17 weeks. But I can't figure out what breed this is. Also one of my speckled sussex is also a roo. Is it ok to have 2 roosters if they...
  18. A

    2 Golden Laced Wyandotte Roosters (both 1 year old)

    2 Golden Laced Wyandotte roosters (both are 1 year old) looking for new homes (we have too many roos) Located in CT
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