1. M

    How long should I isolate a breed to make sure their babies are of that kind?

    Hi! I have 2 breeds of chickens: Lavender Orpingtons and Black Marans. They all commingle together as a big family. Each of the breeds have a rooster so I have 2 roosters total. I'd like to know how long do I need to isolate one breed to make sure that the fertile eggs are of that specific...
  2. A

    Caging the Roosters

    Hello! I have two sets of chickens that I hatched. One batch the end of June and the other in July. I recently separated all the roosters we are going to butcher from the rest of the flock. There are still two roosters with my hens but now they will not free range like they did before. They just...
  3. Pawsitivly

    2 Roosters in Need of Re-homing

    Hello! So we have 4 roosters, and not enough hens. So as much as it kills me, we're going to have to get rid of 2. They're both good roosters, one is a black Silkie, and is about 24 weeks old, and the other is about a year and a half, and is a Silver Duckwing OEGB. (Both are bantams). Einstein...
  4. H

    Silkies 1 hen and 2 roosters

    Hello, I have three silkie chicks that are 4 months old now. The three of them are best friends and have been living very well with my other 4 hens, but they usually stick to their own little group. it it too bad but I am pretty sure two are roosters and only 1 is a hen. This means I will...
  5. Countryhippie


  6. Bhagavansgrace

    2 roosters

    FREE…2 roosters 🐔 🐔.. looking for home 🏡 or farm or back yard to live in. They are a year old and very healthy. we have a sanctuary where we keep hens of our own. The males were brought to us with Six females. As we only keep hens at are community garden we are looking to rehouse these fine...
  7. J

    Free Roosters Commerce Michigan area.

    I have 4 sweet roosters I need to find a home that will keep them and not turn them into dinner. They are mix breeds but hand raised by 3 kids that are eager to hear they find a home and not a dinner table. We are in Commerce Michigan. They born in May.
  8. J

    New member

    Hi, I’m a new member in commerce Michigan. I’m in process of building a larger coop to house our original nine hens and the additional group that hatched in May. I have 4 sweet roosters I need to re home for free to live a happy life and not end up as soup. Our current home isn’t zoned for...
  9. FatChicksDigMe

    Three Silkied Serama Roosters

    I have 3 fluffy and handsome little boys for sale. Two are 5 weeks old and 1 is 3 weeks old. Cannot keep any roos in city. Excellent quality (sourced from alchemist farm). Asking $35 each obo.
  10. sokeefe28

    Hand raised bantams roosters available

    I have 4 stunning hand raised young roosters (under a year old) looking for their forever homes. PET ONLY not for food! 1 mottled Cochin bantam 1 white Cochin bantam frizzle (proven breeder) 1 calico Cochin/silkie cross bantam 1 blue splash Cochin/silkie cross bantam Please private message me...
  11. C


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have had chickens for about 4 years. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I had around 300 now I have around 135 (3) What breeds do you have? Buff Orpingtons Rhode Island Reds Cochins Games Gems Black Jersey Giants Bearded...
  12. agold23

    My flock as a first time chicken owner!

    Like many others on this forum, I love my flock and especially as a first time chicken owner I love showing them off, so why not introduce them? We got my flock from a family friend who now has over 200 chickens and turkeys, many goats, a couple dogs and soon to be some horses! She was kind...
  13. KelsiJH

    3 Ayam Cemani cross roosters available in Dayton, Ohio

    I let a broody hen hatch some chicks last summer and they were mostly roosters 🤦🏼‍♀️ They were all getting along fine for a while but now they are picking on each other too much. The father of all 3 is my Ayam Cemani rooster. The grey one is half silkie, the other 2 are mixes of one of my hens...
  14. ChickenWhisperer101

    Show off your EEs or Ameraucanas

    Hi everyone. I got my first EE’s 7 weeks ago, and they are beautiful looking. I ordered 4 pullets and 1 cockerel, but I’m suspecting that 2 are cockerels and 3 are pullets. I want to see if anyone has roosters or hens that looked like them, but I also just want to see all the gorgeous roosters...
  15. A

    Easter eggers, roosters or hens?

    So today at Tractor Supply they had Easter Eggers but they were straight run. 😩 I already have a monster of a rooster so I don’t need any more. The lady working said she can “somewhat” determine the sex by the wings but couldn’t guarantee it. Some had very distinct wings and some it was hard to...
  16. B

    Did I buy roosters?

    When I bought my 4 chickens they were labelled as pullets, but I'm having my doubts about that. The two brownish ones (Blue & Echo) are Golden Comets, and the two black and white ones (Delta & Charlie) are Easter Eggers. They're all right around 2 months old, but any thoughts on if they're hens...
  17. Douglas7227

    Free Rhode Island Red Rooster

    We have two roosters needing a home. One 10 week old Rhode Island Red and one 10 week old Buff Orpington. Needless to say, the Rhode Island rooster is a biter, but, definitely going to be a beautiful bird. Although, if he stays here he's going to end up in the dog bowl. I live in Orono.
  18. J

    Can I have my Rooster in with my chicks and momma hens?

    I just need to know if I can have my roosters in with my chicks and hens or if I have to seperate them immediately when I one hatches?
  19. chickenchicklady

    Coming soon... to my house!

    Building my dream chicken coop. And although it’s a crappy time to build with lumber prices being so high, I’m rather excited for the finished product. Stay tuned. I will post pictures as I go along. Some may say the finished product is over the top. If you’re one of those people, move along...
  20. Veiji

    Food for Flock

    As I am starting my own flock, we had added Cockerels. We know the hens NEED calcium, so we provide them with Layer feed and offer Oyster Shells in a dish 24/7 access, BUT now that we have Roosters, what do we feed the whole flock? We have Layer Feed, Scratch Grains, and Oyster Shells. Do we...
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