1. K

    Roosters need homes!

    Hi! We have 4 ISA Brown roosters that need homes (we got a mix of 10 unsexed chicks and it ended up being a 50/50 split). Greater New Orleans area. 3 months old.
  2. B

    Hens and roosters

    I have 2 bantam roosters (which are very very small and were suppose to be hens) and I was wondering how many hens is the best amount for them. We already have 4 hens and want the smallest amount possible. Also we wanted 2 girl ducks but i think we have 1 drake. What is the smallest amount of...
  3. L

    Free Rooster

    I have a beautiful Rhode Island Red. He'll be 2 in September. As you would expect, he's the boss. Since I have a suburban backyard flock, he's just not a good fit. If anyone has farmland and needs a good Rooster, he's your guy. Very noble fellow. Looks after his girls and always lets them eat...
  4. D


    Hey everyone! So these are our first chickens getting. I have 10 so learned the difference in personality’s we have a bunch of different ones. We have 3, 7 months road island reds who are so friendly eat out of my hand. And 7 chicks are 16 weeks so again multiple types. Wyandotte, another road...
  5. V

    Three Bantam Cochin Roosters need a new home in Southeast Louisiana

    Up for discussion: 17 weeks old 1. One brown (gorgeous) frizzle cochin 2. One black frizzle cochin 3. One smooth black cochin
  6. P

    One Rooster...TWO Roosters?!

    Hi friends, so today marks 13 weeks of our 6 chicken flock. We have 2 of each breed: Olive Egger, Black Laced Red Wyandotte and Blue Plymouth Rock. Chico, BPR roo has been crowing since about 6-7 weeks. We have one neighbor who is not too happy and complained, all the other neighbors think he’s...
  7. Syd_thechickentender

    Help re-home roosters (FREE)

    I live in florida in a city that goes by the name of North Port. However, there is a problem with my flock. I own two roosters, and the city does not allow roosters. Been on the search for about a couple weeks now to see if anyone would be willing to take them. I am not looking for a price, just...
  8. Queensilkie

    Show Quality Barbu D'Uccle Cockerels for Sale WA

    Hello everyone! I have 5 different D'Anvers cockerels, about 8 weeks old, all different colourings! They're quite sweet, and i purchased them straight-run from a exotic bird breeder, who's D'Anvers stock is wonderful quality. There are two Quail ones, a Black, a very pretty Silver Quail, and a...
  9. ChickenNewbie2020

    Rhode Island Reds Roosters???

    We recently got 8 chicks, 4 golden comets which we knew were hens and 4 RI Reds which we didn’t know what they were. Now they are approx 3 months and we fear we now have 4 roosters. Can you help us tell if they are roosters or hens?
  10. angelashelton

    New to Chickens - A Flock of Roosters!

    Hello!! I'm Angela and Covid gave me chickens. I wanted them originally for egg supply, not eating but when I saw they were sold out I became determined, calling the local hatcheries and Tractor Supply daily. They came in, I ran to get them. I had 18 and one died - a little silkie suffocated I...
  11. YaYasDottes

    Is this a Wyandotte rooster?

    My two-week-old Wyandotte chicks have gone from sweet little puffballs to angry anarchists bent on ripping out each others' feathers and standing up menacingly tall to flap wings and bump chests. I began to wonder if I might have some roosters instead of hens. Aside from aggressive behaviors...
  12. S

    Aggressive rooster

    I was wondering what you guys thinking on dealing with aggressive roosters? I have three 15 week old Anconas that are in a large pen by themselves, with no pullets. They aren’t aggressive to me but I tried putting my 15 week old Cochin pullet with them for a minute and they pecked are her and I...
  13. DodgeballChix

    Calling all experienced caponizers!

    Hi, new to the group. I have been reading threads for years to find info on various topics but only recently joined. I have been raising CornishX for many years and have decided to try to develop a system for a more sustainable meat bird option. I have been having increasing issues with usps...
  14. L

    Chickens have yellow flakey substance on their heads and faces, please help

    I’m not sure if they have a disease or something I tried to research it but I’m really not sure what to do. They seem okay, and at first it was just one hen. But she spread it to the other and I have two roosters in with them and they don’t have it so I’m not sure?? The roosters seem perfectly...
  15. OuelletteFlock

    When and how to re home young chicks?

    Hi. We are suspecting that we have quite a few roosters at the moment. 3 of them seem to be bullying our only female constantly. I know we can keep all of the roosters. My neighbor wasn’t thrilled about me wanting to keep even 1, nonetheless 4. These guys are 7 weeks old roughly. When do I...
  16. R3M1X

    Norlina, NC: Lavender Orpington and Lavender/Sapphire Gem cross roosters available

    I have 7 roosters, but for now I want to rehome/sell these three first. 1 year old Lavender Orpington roo, named Philip. His girl was killed by an owl the day before Christmas so he has been a little lonely in the flock. He is a sweet boy in need of hens of his own. He is getting picked on by...
  17. R

    2 Roos Need a New Home (Louisiana/Mississippi)

    We got two Americauna/Easter Egger chicks hoping at least one would be a hen (we were tricked because "she" started crowing this week). Just shy of 6 months old. They aren't aggressive, one will even let us hold him :love Located in Louisiana, but could drive to Mississippi if needed.
  18. H

    Ameraucana roosters for sale/trade, Gallatin TN

    We inhereted some 6 chickens, three are roosters. We need to get rid of the two ameraucana roosters. I know they are fairly young but not sure exactly how young. We would love to trade for a couple hens but would be willing to take a small cash payment for them.
  19. BestDiscoMan13

    Looking for Chickens NJ

    I’m currently looking for Easter egger chickens, I live in south New Jersey . I have four, seven month old hens and I’m looking to find them a new friend. If anyone has any Easter Eggers for sale or for free and lives nearby please contact me my email is or you can comment...
  20. H

    Would having to Roosters Sharing The Same Coop With 22 Hens be Okay?

    Hello, I'm planning on getting chicks very soon and am trying to decided what to do. I'm ordering from Hover's Hatchery and have chosen quite the variety. I have 14 hens that I'm planning to order and 1 rooster. I also already have 8 adult hens. I don't really want two roosters, but that might...
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