1. Sturtzfamily

    Rosecomb Bantam rooster Northern Wisconsin

    15 week old Rosecomb bantam rooster in need of new home. He is a beautiful bird, but he does not get along with the rest of the flock. Located in North eastern Wisconsin.
  2. dcwatson84

    Confirm that this is a Rosecomb Leghorn?

    It looks to be speckled like a California White Leghorn, but it also seems to have a rosecomb?
  3. ReseisCL16

    Old English Game Bantam ?'s

    Hello! I am more of a hobby farmer, but really enjoy showing my feed-store hens at shows, even though they don't usually place high. About a year ago, I decided to invest in a breeding trio of Black Rosecombs. The hens were about 2 years old when I got them and, due to weak genetics, both...
  4. kMamaHen

    Rosecomb Bantam?

    And would you say a pullet? She is 6-7 weeks old and SO touchy. Thank you, everyone!!
  5. ReseisCL16

    Rooster Tail Molt?

    My beautiful Rosecomb rooster's tail is slowly falling out. He loses about 2 large tail feathers a day. Not that you can really tell, he has so many, but I'm worried. Is his tail just molting? He's not losing feathers anywhere else. Actually, I've had another older rooster who lost all his...
  6. B

    I Have A Hen And The Breed She Is Will Rarely Go Broody, HELP!

    I have a Rosecomb bantam and I need to know how to make her go broody, naturally Rosecombs will rarely ever go broody in their life-time, does anybody know how to make her go broody?
  7. Whittni

    Rosecomb Black Laced

    Rosecomb Black Laced Created by Whittni Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: I have a pair of Black Laced Rosecomb Bantams. The hen, Smog, has very little gold showing, due to lacing and on my rooster, Percy its a lot easier to see the lace on him. Something I've noticed with...
  8. Rosecomb Rosecomb Nantam Bantam Hen

    Rosecomb Rosecomb Nantam Bantam Hen

    Rosecomb Rosecomb nantam bantam (hen) Created by whisky Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: very sweet, calm nature. loves to perch up high and is very social, with people and with other chickens. makes a quiet chirp, very talkative, and loves sunbathing. often times will fly...
  9. Rosecomb Black

    Rosecomb Black

    Rosecomb Black Created by Windymeadows1 Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Very popular breed in the show world.Hens are broody but chicks can be some what hard to hatch.So for the beginner not a good choice.If you are looking for a breed that is friendly, attractive and a...
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