rouen ducks

  1. Megan_M

    Drakes beating up on my little Rouen girl..needing advice

    I have 4 Rouen females and 4 Rouen drakes. One of my girls (she’s the smallest) is missing hair all down her neck and she has gashes in the side of her face which are causing her pain. I have witnessed the drakes ganging up on her, while the other 3 females try to get them off her. She stays in...
  2. Ashizzle

    One of my babies is hurt!

    * This is a REALLY LONG post, but please bear with me!!! * I’m brand new to this forum and to raising poultry. * Dexter and Darwin are unsexed Rouen ducklings (a little over a month old). The Story: My 8-year-old son decided to “help” by feeding the ducks and chickens one morning while my...
  3. G

    Rouen lover

    I bought four unsexed ducks last year from TSC. Not knowing breeds, we picked two ducklings I assumed were Pekin and two that I thought may be khaki Campbell or Rouen. I ended up with two female Buff and two male Rouen ducks. The sweetest ducks ever. This winter I turned their baby pool upside...
  4. Upper Brook House Farm

    Rouen Ducks

    Hi, I recently purchased some exhibition Rouen ducks from a breeder in Scotland and I wondered what everyone thought of them? They have won at the National. Please let me know by replying to this thread and voting. Thanks James
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