1. F

    Runner Duck Egg Incubation

    I read on a site to stop turning runner duck eggs at day 23, and another site said to stop at 25. I also see varying info on temp and RH during later stages of incubating. Can someone please help clarify what is the proper info? I have 7 eggs currently incubating (on day 12), 99.5 degrees, 69%...
  2. Keely Noodle

    My FEMALE duck has grown a MALE tail curl!

    As the title says, my female duck has just grown a curly tail feather like all drakes have! I know that she is female because of her deep quack and most of all I have seen her lay an egg with my own eyes. When it first began growing I thought maybe it was just an out of place feather but today...
  3. M

    How to determine who is laying?

    Hello again I'm back at it with my wacky questions! So I have 4 ducks, a runner, silver appleyard, muscovy, and magpie/pekin (we think?), how can I tell who is laying based on behavior or looks rather than picking them up and feeling pelvic bones? I don't like to have to chase after them and...
  4. M

    Magpie? Swedish? Mystery duck

    Hi all! So a month or so back I got this girl from someone and they claimed she was magpie but I think she looks swedish. They said they didn't have any Swedish on their farm and they only bred magpie and Pekin. The same people hatched lilac and brown magpies along with a couple white and I'm...
  5. JoTing

    Shaky leg, calcium deficiency?

    Hi All, I have 3 runner ducks now (5 weeks old). One has a very shaky leg for last two weeks, will stop if it repositions it’s self but generally starts shaking again. It. doesn’t have an issue walking, running etc other than the shake when standing. I’ve been giving it brewers yeast since I...
  6. Hannahruepepsie

    Eating my ducks eggs?!

    one of my ducks has recently just started laying eggs. However for a while they were indoors and are now outside and so have not wormed them yet! I was just wondering if it is still safe to eat the eggs if my duck has not been wormed yet or should I wait until after they have been wormed? I have...
  7. JessWolo

    Aggressive female towards male duck

    Hi all! Looking for some opinions. I have one specific female runner duck that is constantly chasing, biting at, and pushing out of the flock a younger male runner. This just started happening today. Prior to, she used to always be by his side, and me and my husband used to joke they were...
  8. AmberLittlejohn

    Runner hens and eggs

    I got these little ladies yesterday. Their names are Agnes, Iris, and Gladys. Let me start off my saying my girls I already have aren't laying yet so I'm clueless. These three girls do lay and I was told to expect like 2 eggs each a day. Well nothing yesterday and today Agnes very clearly looks...
  9. CaliFarmsAR

    Crested Runner ducks

    Hi I have been reading here on BYC about the crested Runner duck and would love to have one but I love to breed and I read the they have a problem! Is that true? If so I won't get any. I'm in to breed,sale,etc. Thanks for your time.
  10. Trimurtisan

    The Quack Shack

    Good morning folks of BYC! My name is Trimurtisan, but to keep it easy, just call me Trim. I did an introduction, but here's some more general information about myself and what's got me going quackers. I am a 36 year old father of eight, although only two of those happen to be human. We...
  11. superduckrescue

    Rescue ducks available (Austin, Texas area)

    We have several ducks ready for adoption. Pine is looking for a place to hang out for the rest of his life. He is a three year old muscovy male. He had a broken wing which has fully healed. He has a deformity in his wing and it will need to be clipped yearly at molt to prevent him from...
  12. KikiDeAnime

    ISO: Female Ducklings (WA State)

    Hi! I'm currently on the search for female ducklings. Our 2-3(?) week old male KC Duckling currently lives with our baby chicks but I would like to get him some female ducklings. Breeds I'm looking for: -Cayuga -Runners -Khaki Campbell I can pay extra to have them delivered as I don't drive...
  13. KikiDeAnime

    Colonel & his females

    Just starting a thread so everyone who's read my 2 other posts can stay updated on Colonel. Here's a picture of Colonel. This is how he currently looks I will keep this thread active with lots of photos and videos of him & his females. The names of the 2 females I'm getting on April 12th...
  14. Zrach

    Ducklings Available! - End of December 2018 - Atlanta

    I will be selling 5-6 ducklings around December 28th, 2018. Available for pickup in Fayetteville, Ga. $10-$15 each Indian Runner - Female Silver Appleyard - Female Black Swedish - Female White Layer - Female Many Thanks, Rachel
  15. Riley Adams

    How far along are my duck eggs?

    Hey there, my duck Lillian is expecting to hatch two babies . She's taking great care of her eggs, and as far as I can tell, the ducklings are in perfect health. My only question Is "When will she become a mother?!" I've been candling the eggs daily, but for some reason I cannot tell which...
  16. memandthebirds

    Mating, But No Eggs

    My Runner drake has been mounting with Pekin duck, who is a willing and bossy partner, but it's been more than two weeks and I haven't found a single egg. Is it possible that he's just matured faster than she has? Or should I be concerned about her?
  17. N

    Drakes need a new home

    Cayuga Fawn Indian Runner Blue Swedish All born in April 2018. Located in northern VA. Willing to drive if not too far.
  18. S

    Please help identify my duckling breeds!

    I recently purchased some ducklings from tractor supply. They were unable to tell me anything about their breed. I suspect that the dark colored ones are some sort of runner duck because of their upright stance? The yellow ones all look a bit different however. I would love help in knowing what...
  19. Riley Adams

    Duck Mating

    Hi there, I understand that a lot of people have problems adjusting to the normalcy of forced mating among ducks, however I was hoping someone could give me some advice. I currently have two drakes and two hens (Not how I planned it, I promise!) I noticed that the drakes have begun their process...
  20. franch

    Duck pairs?

    I have four runner ducks (two male and two female) and one Peking drake. The runners have just started trying to mate and I'm worried that if the Peking jumps in on this he will hurt the runners. If i get him a girlfriend his own size will he pair off? Or as long as he is together with the...
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