1. Indigo a la mode

    Sacramento/Roseville/Rocklin Chicken Keepers - are you missing a BLRW hen?

    I saw a post on my NextDoor about a wandering hen in the Antelope Creek neighborhood that looks like a blue-laced red Wyandotte. Is she yours? She hasn't been captured, but if she's spotted again I'll go try and catch her.
  2. azellmer

    Two well cared for hens seeking new home - Sacramento, CA

    It is with a heavy heart that I am looking to re-home two well cared for hens, each a couple years old. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we simply cannot keep them any longer. Breeds are Australorp and Plymouth/Barred Rock. Looking to re-home them in or around the Sacramento area. Please DM for...
  3. pipnzipdip

    Light Sussex cockerals (North CA)

    I have five Light Sussex cockerals that will be 8 weeks on Mothers Day weekend. We live near Sacramento and <10 minutes from both Hwy 99 and I5 for easy pickups. These were purchased hatching eggs.
  4. P

    Sacramento area Coop and Run

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have just started out with some chicks here in the Sacramento suburbs. We plan to keep about 6 hens in our backyard. I'm struggling to find a coop and run online that looks quality and large enough for the hens. Seems like they all have bad reviews and do not...
  5. M

    Need advice from Sacramento chickens!

    I'm new to Sac (moved here last December) and new to chickens (3 sliver laced Wyandottes, ~26 weeks old). How cold does it get, and what kind of winter protection do the chicks need? They are in a tiny, probably drafty pre-fab coop with a screen door where they sleep - I will change the door...
  6. CrazybirbLady

    Sacramento chicken Breeders

    Hello, my names Jessica and I'm looking to purchase 6 egg laying hens. Are there any breeders in Sacramento that has some?
  7. Qaib master

    Sacramento/Elk Grove area

    hello fellow chicken lovers! I recently moved to the Sacramento area from Arkansas and I was looking for a piece of land to rent so I can continue raising chickens out here. Can anyone here help me out? Thank you for your time! God Bless!
  8. madisonboe

    Any breeders in the Sacramento area?

    Looking for Wyandotte chicks in the Sacramento or grass valley area! :)
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