saddle feathers

  1. WallyBirdie

    Saddle Feathers?

    Slow growing, 5 months old, comb has reddened. Very docile, doesn't crow but isn't squatting either. Thought for sure my Sussex was a pullet, but the growing feathers have me a bit paranoid about her being a cockerel. Are these saddle feathers? I'm not great at defining saddle feathers, even...
  2. Kluggie

    What breed/s and gender are these two?

    Hi all Recently we got a couple of chicks from a hatching program run out of my son's kindergarten. We have had them for about 2 months now and they are starting to get a bit bigger. I was hoping for some advice on what breed and if they are hens or roos. The website from the organisation that...
  3. madisonboe

    Is this a saddle feather?!

    My 7 week old Easter egger
  4. MissMaple

    Losing Saddle Feathers

    I just (About 1 month ago) rescued 3 adult chickens (1 RIR, 2 EE) and I will be getting chicks in April. One of my EE is missing a palm sized patch of feathers in her saddle area. I have not seen any of the other chickens pecking her there but I have seen the rir HEN mount her once. (Is this...
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