1. LizzzyJo

    NW Ohio: 5 week old Jubilee Orpington and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

    Broody raised. Breeder quality. Private message me for details :)
  2. Beanie99

    Selling a chicken with coccidiosis

    Help I was suppose to be giving a rooster away to his new home to a new flock on Wednesday but found today that he has coccidiosis! ): obviously I don’t want the other persons flock to be sick to either way I would tell them to quarantine but should I just tell them I want to treat him first...
  3. Queensilkie

    Show Quality Barbu D'Uccle Cockerels for Sale WA

    Hello everyone! I have 5 different D'Anvers cockerels, about 8 weeks old, all different colourings! They're quite sweet, and i purchased them straight-run from a exotic bird breeder, who's D'Anvers stock is wonderful quality. There are two Quail ones, a Black, a very pretty Silver Quail, and a...
  4. W

    Must find home for my male duck

    We have 7 ducks one of which is a male. He is a Pekin Duck. The hubby does not want ducklings so he has instructed me to find him a new home. I want to make sure he goes to someone that will care for him. I live in south eastern Montana.
  5. ChetErnest

    Bubba & Sissy

    Hello! My name is Chet Ernest and I am a PROUD parent of two beautiful pekin ducks both 5 years of age. It is my intention to bring an adult duck-friend to my now lonely pekin duck Bubba. I made a video on YouTube that will sum up their life from baby ducklings until now... big adult babies...
  6. lnp3

    Baby ducks

    I have 13 baby ducks Cayuga and anacona that I am looking to sell. Any ideas of where I can sell them? Not sure what the rules are for shipping them either
  7. Zrach

    For SALE or TRADE - 2 Ducks - Atlanta - $15

    I bought these two ducks last spring and they weren't the correct breed I ordered. So I am going to try again and purchase the breed I am looking for. They are in great health. 1 female and 1 male The male is gentle. Havent had any problems. Has bred successfully with female. $15 for the pair...
  8. rascal66

    Searching for Blue Partridge Brahmas in Western WA

    I'm looking for any Blue Partridge Brahmas out in Western WA. Looking for chicks, adults or hatching eggs. Please let me know if you can sell or know of any breeders? Thanks!
  9. rascal66

    Looking for Blue Partridge Brahma in western WA

    Does anyone in western WA raise and sell Blue Partridge Brahmas? Id love to get a cockerel for my future breeding. I'll consider chicks, older birds and even hatching eggs. Please feel free to message me for more details. I'm hoping to find a local breeder.
  10. Love my chickens 25

    Silkie rooster

    I have a Partridge silkie rooster for sale. Asking $5. He is gorgeous but I will not lie is mean. He has produced beautiful chicks. Colors I get from him Buff, White, Blue, Black, Partridge. He loves his girls and is very protective over them. For breeding pets and some of his breedings have...
  11. minsin56

    im trying to get some emus but don't know where to get emu

    my stepdad and i decided i want to get some emus instead of ostriches since they are supposed to be friendlier than ostriches but i cant find much on where to buy some near where i live in the corpus christi area the furthest my stepdad would drive would be 250 miles from corpus christi tx we...
  12. E-Moo

    In need of Coturnix Quails!

    Hello! I am looking to buy 3-4 coturnix quail hens -or chicks-. If you are in the Bay Area, And have quails or know someone who does, please inform me! Thank you.
  13. bateshomesteaddream

    Green Queen EE crowing pullet for sale

    She is a crowing hen so she needs to live where roosters are allowed. We live in SW FL. She is about 23 weeks old. We don't want to re home her but where we live we are not allowed to have roosters & to be kind to our neighbors & not attract a visit from the city we are. We have raised her from...
  14. FrontYardChicken111

    Rooster for sale

    I have a Barred rock rooster that is 5 months old now i bought chicks that were pre sexed and this she turned into a he . 30 bucks and ill deliver hes not agressive at all ice handeled him often. This pic attached is an older photo i had in ny phone will update with a new one tomorrow after work.
  15. FrontYardChicken111

    African Pygmy Goat for sale

    Hello, I have a Doe for sale sbes supposed to be about 3 years old. I bought her in a pair and she is not getting along with any of my other goats shes not aggressive she was originally somebodys yard pet. Just very dominant over my goats here. I want to try and sell her and find her a good...
  16. Sprinkleslover

    Polish Roo and Cochin Frizzle roo need home

    I have a Polish Golden Laced roo and a Red Cochin Frizzle bantams that need a home. The Polish is around 16 weeks and the Cochin is about 14 weeks. They are at separate locations. The polish is in a flock of 11 and the Cochin has been with only one RIR. The Cochin is skittish and gets a little...
  17. TwoChicksChix

    Started Chickens for Sale in South Florida.

    Hello all, I am located in West Palm Beach Florida and I have a handful of birds for sale. I have white and splash silkies available as well as a Barnvelder and a pair of Leghorn Easter Eggers. The silkies are about 9 weeks old, the others are about 3-4 months old and close to the point of...
  18. FloridaSunnyDays

    Japanese Onagadori Roosters FLA for sale

    I have two juvenile Japanese Onagadori roosters for sale. Docile, organic feed fed, happy boys. Too many roosters in the flock so two must unfortunately go :( We are located in north central Florida, north of Ocala. Will not ship. $40 each.
  19. Rammy

    How to price chickens for sale.....

    I got a Cackle Surprise box about 2 months ago and plan on selling some of the chicks when I know for sure what they are. Some Im going to keep, of course, to raise and sell hatching eggs. I was wondering how to determine the price to sell some of them, especially if selling as breeding pairs? I...
  20. SarahsCoop

    Silkie Roosters For Sale

    Hey all! I have 3 beautiful Silkie roosters for sale - $5 each. They’re are gorgeous healthy birds, hand raised to be pets and companion animals, NOT FOR FOOD, however we are only zoned to keep hens in my area so I need the lads gone ASAP. Local pickup only (sorry no shipping) from Fresno...
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