sand as bedding

  1. 4yearsofchickens

    Sand vs shavings?

    I am thinking about building a bantam house next year and was going to try some new things with it since it will be smaller(I don't plan on getting many). My basic design that I'm tossing around is frame of pallets (we have tons) covered with painted plywood with a floor and just sit it on the...
  2. Cwillenburg

    Sand for grit?

    I am using sand in my run and coop, do I still need to provide grit? There are fairly large pieces of rock in the sand I am using. Picture of one of my girls just because 😍
  3. C

    Building a coop!

    So we decided build a whole new coop for our 3 pullets. I really needed one that I could walk in to and clean without bending and wincing. Getting old perhaps. Hubby has of course over engineered it. It’s a tractor but very heavy so not sure how much I will move it. It is pretty simple but...
  4. Moonspeckle

    Sand for coop floor?

    I was wanting to use sand in the bottom of my coop and wasn’t sure if this was too fine to use. This is just local sand by the creek near my home.
  5. H

    Sand material?

    I have been thoroughly convinced to try sand for coop bedding! I contacted a local quarry and inquired about coarse sand/river sand. They said they only have limestone products and could offer crushed limestone. Is limestone fine or does it need to be silica sand? I can’t seem to find the answer...
  6. J

    Chicken run is a Mud pit

    Our chicken run has been a mud pit for days. We had major storms for a week straight. It’s so wet and muddy, and we have a roof on top so it’s shaded pretty much the entire day. We live in northern MN so our weather is not going to be getting very warm anymore, so it definitely will not dry out...
  7. Cotton Hill Chick

    Converting to Sand in chicken coop... I want to hear from you!

    Hello Friends, I live in Upstate NY where winter temps can drop below zero for stretches of time (and of course wind chill). I am considering changing from shavings/chips to sand on the floor of both of the chicken coop; for hygienic reasons (easier to clean?). If you have switched to sand...
  8. BantamBabies

    Beat the heat.

    My 5 month old silkies and satins will sit in our coop even on hot days (we are in pacific north west valley so our hottest day is upper 90s) but the coop gets pretty hot compared to the outside temps. Over 100 when the outside reaches mid 80s. I’ll catch them panting! Are they really not that...
  9. BantamBabies

    New to everything!

    Hi! I’m new to chickens but after dreaming about getting them for 4 years and obsessing for 4 months, my sweet hubby finally gave in! He built my dream coop and run. We have a 3 and 4 year old girls ready to love on our 4 Silkies and 4 Satins (two of which are frizzled) who are 5 months old. We...
  10. kristeninprogress

    Best Sand for Coop

    So I started with Pine Shavings in the brooder for my 8 chicks, but I was having a huge issue with them tracking cecal poops everywhere, regardless of how many times I was cleaning the brooder. I finally had enough when I had to bathe one of my poor EEs covered in poop. :( So now they have...
  11. MissMarple

    Sand as Coop Litter

    Much debate about sand versus pine shavings. I'm pretty set on sand after reading about it. My questions are; for those of you who use sand as coop litter, do you prefer to have it hauled in by the truckload from your local supplier or have you found it easier/better to use bagged? And I've seen...
  12. F

    Clay/sand mix?

    for my litter in the coop and run I was going to do sand but the quarry mixed a bunch of clay in with the fill sand. Is there any reason the clay could become an issue? I’m trying to be as frugal with this build as possible and don’t want to spend another 200+ on bedding so I’m hoping it will be...
  13. CityslickerHomestead

    To sand, or not to sand? That is the question.

    I hope this is in the appropriate thread... Who uses sand in their coop and run? I’m arguing with my spouse right now about it because the very first information I read said “sand harbors more bacteria and isn’t a good insulator. Your chickens will eat sand covered poop and get impacted crops”...
  14. T

    Will Deep Litter Work in rain?

    I am considering the deep litter method for my coop, however, in the UAE when it rains, it rains very hard. It rains a few unpredictable times a year(roughly 2-4 times). My question how will the deep litter method be affected by rain. And even more importantly, is it possible to do with sand...
  15. W

    Trouble deciding on bedding for brooder! Sand vs Shavings

    I have 16 chicks (which hatched the 13th) arriving today or tomorrow and I don't know what kind of bedding to put in the brooder. I think I am going to lay down paper towels on top of the bedding regardless of the type of bedding for the first few days just so that the chicks will know to eat...
  16. Quirky Quail

    Should I keep a frizzle Pekin Bantam on sand to avoid feather soiling?

    I just got two Pekin Bantams and one is a frizzle. My dad recommended keeping them on sand instead of sawdust as their poop will be less likely to stick to their feathers. Any ideas? And would children's sand be fine? it's considerably cheaper than proper sand bedding. :)
  17. HuskerHens18

    Sand for Chicken bedding?

    A friend of mine breeds chickens, she has a lot of coops and uses sand for bedding. It seems really cheap and simple to clean. I would like to do this also, but I want YOUR expertise. Do I need a specific type of Sand? Do I need to mix anything in the sand? If I scoop it like cat litter...
  18. Twisted Chickster Coop

    Twisted Chickster Coop

    I absolutely love my chicken coop/barn. I asked DH to build me one, and this is what I got! I was expecting a much smaller version LOL but I can fit 25 birds in it comfortably, And I have a separate room that I can have the food, lighting, and brooders for new chicks. It is 12x10, the brooding...
  19. Mamato6

    Those who use sand in their coops/runs!

    What is the name of the sand that you have? I’m having a hard time finding sand from any of the places near me. I have asked for triple wash, bank run and construction sand. One place I just called said they only have screened field sand which I think is limestone.
  20. corkse01

    hawks, raccoons & cats...oh my.

    We are looking to add to our flock. Would you recommend chicks (again) or trying started pullets? Our family has had chickens since October 2016. Right now we have 5 girls. 1 Barred Rock, 2 Easter Eggers, 1 Cherry Egger, 1 Black Orpington. I've used BYC for a few years now, but never...
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