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  1. kristeninprogress

    Differences in egg colors?

    I've had a 22 week old Sapphire Gem laying for a little over a week now. Out of 10 days, I've gotten 8 eggs. I know the breed is supposed to be an eggcellent layer, so I wasn't thinking too much about it, but I'm getting two different shades of brown. Nothing crazy, but enough to be able to tell...
  2. nettech864

    Egg Size - OMG!

    I thought I would share the egg that my 6 month old pullet just laid. For those that are not familiar with egg sizing, here is a basic chart. Jumbo 70.9 g Extra-Large (XL) 63.8 g Large 56.7 g Medium 49.6 g Small 42.5 g Peewee...
  3. MissMarple

    Sapphire Gem - Leg color

    I can't find a thread anywhere that answers my question or any help from Google and everything on Google brings me back here. I don't want to hijack anyone else's thread for a completely different question/discussion so here I am. For those of you with Sapphire Gems, what colors are your...
  4. ethbarry

    Just wondering about these chicks

    Hi folks, There's one Sapphire Gem, (on the left) that at 5 ½ weeks, starts making red feathers around the base of the neck and on the chest. She has legs that are not a very dark slate color. There's some yellow shining through. Then the one on the right is starting to make longer feathers on...
  5. RiversideChick

    Greetings! New mama of 13 chicks :)

    Hello! I am a new chicken owner and this forum has already become invaluable to me. My husband and I live on the Nisqually River in Washington State (hence the screen name). We have 13 chicks that are now 4 weeks (and some change) old. They have been living outside full time and thriving for a...
  6. Degg1121

    Baby Chick head trauma/internal bleeding??

    HELP!! I got 8 baby chickens a few days ago from good old Tractor Supply (5 Sapphire Gem, 1 Easter Egger, and 2 Brahmas) my mother has had chickens before but these were my first very own babies. We had them in our house as they are so small and need a heat lamp still, and one of our very old...
  7. kristeninprogress

    The Flower Flock

    I thought it would be interesting to keep progress pictures of my chicks, since A.) I'm obsessed with everything they do, and B.) I'm curious about how my Easter Eggers will change. :D I bought the first four flower girls 4 weeks ago, and the second group 2 weeks ago. Excuse the double...
  8. nettech864

    Overachiever or show off?

    I think one of my hens is trying to show off and see how big of an egg she can lay. They are all about 20 weeks old (sapphire gems) and have been laying for about a month and this is is what we found this morning. The large one is nearly 73g!
  9. nettech864

    My Flock

    Here are some pictures of my flock. They were all supposed to be pullets but as you can clearly see I ended up with one cockerel (Thanks TSC!). He is beautiful and very protective of his ladies! The 3 sapphire's are laying, sporadically. Still waiting on the WLH's to start. They are all about...
  10. A

    Sapphire gems?

    These ladies are 14 weeks old. Are they for sure sapphire gems? That’s what the country store sold then as but one is a lot darker!
  11. R3M1X

    Pretty boy♡

    I am mainly posting because I am surprised by the turn out of one of my first bred chickens (the only animals I was ever successful at breeding were guppies and gerbils, but they require hardly anything for that ). He is a cross between a Lavender Orpington and Sapphire Gem. His feathers feel...
  12. CrazyChickMommaOppe

    Can't figure out which pullets are which breed. Any thoughts?

    2 are Prairie Bluebell Eggers and 2 are Sapphire Gems. I just don't know which one is which. Anyone familiar with either breed?
  13. R3M1X

    My first time breeding chickens~

    I have a Lavender Orpington rooster and Lavender Orpington and Sapphire Gem Sex-Link hens. I wondered how the chicks would turn out if I bred the two breeds together. Would they come out mix-matched, or favor one parent over the other, or would they be something else? So in February, I started...
  14. A

    Sapphire gem pullet or cockerel?!

    I have two a little over two month old sapphire gems. They are supposed to be pullets but I'm a first time chicken owner so was looking if someone could confirm that. One has the really dark head and the other has a lighter head. They seem to be developing quicker then my speckled Sussex even...
  15. BarnGems

    BarnGems New member

    Hello all, I am a new member to the site and new to owning chickens. My chicken adventure started last year in June when I decided I wanted Barnevelder chickens. Started by building a brooder box 4'x5' (3' off the ground) to go inside our existing cow barn while I revamped the barn and built an...
  16. MeTxLady

    Breed Identity help! Blue Jersey Giant? Blue Wyandotte? Sapphire Gem?

    I got these from Tractor Supply 4 months ago. They were labeled as golden laced wyandottes. Apparently that was wrong. Which is perfectly fine with me because I have one of those and I LOVE the colors of these girls!?! I have included many pics to help give help for identity. Also, after all...
  17. CatchaTorriFarms

    Sapphire Gem Breeding

    I have my own personal flock of Sapphire Gems with both males and females. Although i have a few questions as i dive into this more extensively. Anyone one know what makes up the breed? What are they originally crossed with? Is this a breed particularly like the ISA Brown, sex-able based on...
  18. B

    Sapphire Gem Chicks Sex and Age?

    Hello! I have 3 hens who I got just before they began laying this summer. They were my first chickens, and now I'm obsessed. I now also have 3 Sapphire Gem baby chicks I got from Bomgaars, straight run bin. I read every single forum post and comment about Sapphire Gems beforehand to try and...
  19. OliveGrace

    New Chicken Obsessed Chicken Keeper

    I have posted a few times but it seems that I have not introduced myself and my girls. I got 3 chicks in March and 3 pullets week before last. My girls: Barred Rock: Shirley Chisholm Easter Egger: Eleanor Roosevelt Easter Egger: Emma Gonzales Golden Comet: Poppy Sapphire Gem: Margaret...
  20. reddpepper86

    Sick chicken - Help please!

    Hi everyone! We woke up this morning to one of my hens laying down in the coop. She is a 20 week old sapphire gem and just started laying eggs this week. She won't walk - like her legs don't work. Her wings seem to be a little weak as well. She still has an appetite but can't move. None of the...
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