1. K

    Saxony Duckling Feet

    I have 4 different breeds of duckling. I’ve noticed the largest, our saxony, seems to have one of her feet more pigeon toed than the other girls(they’re all females). I feed them Mazuri Waterfowl Starter and add Thomas Labs Brewer’s Yeast w/Garlic to their feed. Should I be doing something...
  2. PinkLadyLVT

    AVAILABLE 5/27: Saxony Ducklings — Purebred and Mixed

    I currently have 15 eggs incubating from my Saxony female who came from Meyer Hatchery last year. As she continues to lay, I am going to add more batches with weekly hatch dates after this first batch. She has mated with my Saxony drake as well as my half Mallard/half Pekin drake. So some will...
  3. PinkLadyLVT

    WANTED: Saxony eggs/ducklings!

    Looking for Saxony eggs/ducklings, preferably Exhibition-quality. Located in Chattanooga, TN on the Georgia border. Willing to drive a reasonable distance (few hours). Please PM me if you have any or expect any this year! TIA!
  4. Mimi13

    My Love Affair With Ducks...

    ...and Their Love Affair With Water! This is my second day owning ducks and I have fallen head over heels in love with them! Those precious little peeps, the interesting looking bills, the ever so delicate looking webbed feet, and those expressive eyes with their heads cocked sideways peering...
  5. Q

    Aggressive hatchling - need help

    My family and I have recently started raising ducks, and while we were planning on 4, an unplanned male was shipped to us and we're now up to 10 to allow for 4 females per drake. Our most recent shipment arrived today, all females consisting of a Blue Swedish, a Welsh Harlequin, a Buff, and a...
  6. Got any grapes?

    Got any grapes?

  7. BabyAndPoki

    Eye Injury

    So I have female duck and a male duck (I’m in the hunt for more female ducks) and this morning my male duck was trying to mate her and grabbed the side of her face instead of the back of her head. Thankfully he didn’t rip her eye out but it does seem injured and my duck knowledge is pretty...
  8. J

    HELP Ducks Dying of leucocytozoon infections

    So I purchased 16 3/4 week old Muscovy ducklings on June 15, 2019 by June 27, 2019 I lost 7. on June 19th I sent them one deceased duckling off for a Necropsy. I don't have all of the official results back yet, the lab and the vet have just been awesome. We lost our first duckling on June 16...
  9. Lukemjm

    Help! Ducks attacked by mink!

    3 nights ago, our two ducks (1.5 year old Pekin Male, 2.5 year old Saxony female) were attacked by a mink or weasel. I awoke at 4am to my dog (so proud of him) barking and growling incessantly out the window in the direction of our duck run. I was concerned for our little guys, and went out to...
  10. Sussex123

    Feeding Wheat to Poultry

    Hi, I am after a cheaper alternative to having poultry for feed and I can buy wheat and / or barley at a very cheap price per ton. I was wondering if I could give it to my pekin ducks, muscovy ducks, saxony ducks and sussex chickens as their only diet from my. I would give them probably about...
  11. tinkerjessica


    Hello, my husband and I have recently decided to expand our flock!!!! I'm looking for preferably buff, Saxony, Welsh, or other ducks!!!! I'd love young females but I'm willing to consider ducklings too!!!! Close to Tacoma but willing to reasonably travel!!!! Thank you!!!!! No muscovy or mallard...
  12. carlyducks

    Ducklings are getting so big / update & pics

    These are my two ducklings, Paige and Ethel. They will be 5 weeks old on Monday already! Time flies.. They are getting closer and closer to being able to live outside.. :celebrate Update on Ethel (runner) : Ethel's legs had been shaking and trembling for about 2 weeks straight, she couldn't...
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