scissor beak

  1. S

    HELP!! Chick sexing needed

    Hi, need help chicken sexing. we purchased 10 chicks from a local hatchery a while back and now we are wondering what gender they are🧐. sadly 4 died when we placed them under our broody hen who we decided to use as a surrogate mother😢. Later we realised they passed because there vents were...
  2. FortCluck

    Beaker update

    What are the chances this chick will thrive? I didn’t notice this when it was a day old, but it is clear now as it grows. It’s eating, drinking, and 💩ing
  3. NeedsMoreChickens

    Slightly Crooked Beak

    It's more obvious in person, but this 4 week old (ish) chick has a slightly crooked beak. The top and bottom still meet, but will this turn into something worse?
  4. Chicken Newbie07

    Crossed beak | Scissor beak | Crooked beak

    How to care for a crossed beak chick?
  5. J

    Parrot Beak

    Hi there. I wasn't sure where to post this so pardon if this is in the wrong thread. We have a chicken with parrot beak and it's causing scissor beak. We clipped it per research a few weeks ago (worst experience for me not so much the bird) but it didn't help. Any tried and true ways to fix...
  6. faithlj

    Brenham TX. 2Hens. 1Roo. 15wks. Best offer

    Brenham TX We’ve have 3 chickens we need to rehome to better their lives or because they do not fit into our future breeding program. 1 Americana (Hen, Scissor beak) 1 White Cochin Bantam 1 Golden Sunbright Bantam Rooster Hatch date was estimated to be March 31st. Asking $30 (total) for all 3...
  7. J

    Chick: 3weeks old, twisted beak, one eye, spins around, very few feathers, 1/2 size.

    My patty is 3 weeks old. 1. She has a twisted beak. 2. One Eye. 3. Her head is constantly spinning and so does she, so I’m pretty sure she has wry neck. 4. Her crop balloons up when she eats and when it’s full she chirps in a panic. So far: 1. I ground all of her food up in the coffee...
  8. ChickenChick8721

    Call Duckling with Deformed Bill - HELP! Need Advice

    I have a call duckling that hatched with a deformed bill. It looks similar to scissor beak/crooked beak you find in chickens, but I think he only has one nostril. His tongue is also exposed so I’m constantly worried it’s going to dry out and cause him pain or make it difficult to eat. Right now...
  9. Stablecoop

    Cross beak advice

    Hi all! I am a new member and new to raising chickens. We have a sweet flock of 19 layers who are about 6 weeks old. Our sweet lavender Americana has a pretty bad Cross beak. We successfully trimmed her beak last week. She eats and drinks on her own, and holds her own (and then some!) with her...
  10. A

    New chicken momma

    I am new to this group and have learned a lot through reading posts on this site. I had been wanting to get some chickens for a long time. So my mother gave me a dozen eggs and an incubator to use for my birthday. The eggs have hatched just in time for Mother's Day. My girls and I have patiently...
  11. Oliviag2324

    Help!!! Newborn chick with scissor beak/head deformity

    I work at Tractor Supply and this chick came in today, and my manager allowed me to take her/him home to try and care for it (by the way it's my first time trying to care for a special needs chick), as no one else would/were able to. I have given the chick plenty of water, and have tried to get...
  12. puffypoo

    This is the SECOND time we've gotten a scissor beak from MPC. Anything we can do?

    She's still only a week or so old. But her beak isn't lining up properly. No idea how much worse it'll get. Is there a way to correct it this early or do we just have to accommodate for her needs and hope she doesn't starve to death like last time.
  13. BobbieMcK

    Mild or severe scissor beak??

    In your experiences is this a mild or severe case of scissor beak for a week old chick? Just came on in the past day or two and so far is still eating and drinking... would trimming/filing even help anything if she is eating/drinking/opening&closing beak without issue???I
  14. linsybird

    Is this cross beak?

    I just noticed one of my silkies has a weird beak. It doesn’t look like a lot of the pictures of cross beak I’ve seen, but I haven’t been able to find many pictures of mild cases. It looks like her beak is kind of curved to the right. It looks different than all the other chicks. It’s kind of...
  15. MilesFluffybutt

    House Rooster

    Hello wonderful BYC community, Several months ago I rescued a days-old cross-break chick, figuring it'd be hospice care. Well, I must have done something right because the little guy is still with me and doing well despite his beak, his kinked neck and a host of other maladies. He even eats on...
  16. E

    6 wk silkie with scissor beak

    My little girl has some serious scissor beak. She is a silkie and just shy of 6 weeks. She is half the size of her sisters... pretty much literally. I weighed one tonight that was over 7 oz and she’s only 3.5 oz. She is constantly eating because it’s so much harder for her to get any food, but I...
  17. centrarchid

    Scissor Beak Hen as Broody

    I seldom see chickens with scissor beaks and messed up feet at hatch. When I do it comes in spurts with incubator hatched chicks. More than once I have had this where the same mating gives quality chicks time and again then one batch is 3 funky chicks out 12 that normally dispatched on the...
  18. ChickenTenderKesha

    Confirm on gender please!

    Sold to me as an Ameraucana (looks like one), roughly 19 weeks old.. the tail feathers are worrying me along with my one cockerels behaviour today towards this one. S/he has a severe scissor beak so it’s difficult to know for sure as it’s harder to prune the feathers with a beak like that...
  19. C

    Chick with Severe Crooked Beak

    I have an almost two-week-old chick with a severely crooked beak. It is worse today than even yesterday and makes his whole face look misaligned. I believe he has trouble eating enough food; he seems to appreciate being handfed. Is there anything I can do for this chick? Will his beak get worse...
  20. stormie000

    Rooster? Scissor Beak

    Hi everyone! I received 6 baby chicks several months ago from a coworker who got them from a feed store, sold to her as "female Americanas". I'm now understanding that these are Easter Eggers and am afraid one of them may not be a hen! Hoping someone can give me a for sure answer on this...
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